Officers have 52 years of combined service

By Melanie Yingst - Troy Daily News



TROY — Troy Police Department bid farewell to two officers with a combined 52 years of service this month.

Sgt. Richard Gumerlock made his final radio call serving the Troy community for 28 years this week.

Patrolman Todd Sloan will retire his badge on May 17 after 24 years of service. Sloan will continue to serve the community as a bailiff in Miami County Municipal Court.

Fellow officers and members of the community celebrated the officers’ retirement last week.

A 1982 graduate of Miami East High School, Gumerlock said he pursued a career as a police officer because “I just thought it would fit my personality.”

Gumerlock shared his favorite part of his career was being a firearms instructor.

“I enjoyed teaching,” he said.

Gumerlock was promoted to sergeant in 2004 following 13 years as a patrolman. Gumerlock also said he enjoyed serving on the Tactical Response Team during his career.

“It’s no different than any other job and you get used to a routine, we just dealt with people usually at their worst,” Gumerlock said.

Sloan echoed Gumerlock’s sentiments about working with the public.

Sloan said he grew up wanting to be a game warden. He served as a security police officer in the Air Force after he graduated from Piqua High School in 1985.

Sloan said the murder of Brandon Haskins, killed by his step father Jeffrey Bedinger, at the Troy Towne Park townhomes in July 2010 will always stand out in his career.

“His conviction was life without parole,” Sloan shared.

Both officers said while drug use is more prevalent than when they began their careers, they enjoyed serving the Troy community.

“Troy’s a really good city, it really is,” Gumerlock said. “It’s a good town.”

Officers have 52 years of combined service

By Melanie Yingst

Troy Daily News