Tipp student makes school threat

Removed from school, police intervene

Staff report

TIPP CITY — A Tipp City student made a threat against the district on Monday.

According to a statement from Liz Robbins, school community relations coordinator for Tipp City Schools, on Monday afternoon, a student at Tippecanoe High School reported a possible violent threat against the school.

“We immediately authenticated the claim and found a threat had been made on social media,” Robbins said. “We also learned a specific plan was made verbally in the presence of other students. We take threats very seriously and immediately contacted Tipp City Police.”

Threats of this nature are against the Tipp City Schools Student Code of Conduct and carry legal consequences, Robbins said.

With the assistance of Tipp City Police, the district has taken appropriate steps to address this issue, including the student’s removal from school.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to take a moment to discuss this issue with their children, Robbins said.

“These types of threats have no place in our school or community. The consequences for making such threats may be severe,” she said. “We applaud the students who brought this to our attention and ask that students, staff, and parents continue to be vigilant and if they hear something or see something to say something.”

Removed from school, police intervene