Changes to jail mail expected

By Sam Wildow - Miami Valley Today

MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak talked about potential changes expected to affect how inmates in the Miami County Jail receive their mail — including a vendor bringing tablets into the Incarceration Facility — during a work session with the Board of Miami County Commissioners on Wednesday.

Duchak discussed a potential amendment to their contract with their vendor for inmate telephone calls, Securus Technologies. Duchak said that, with this change, all of the mail to inmates will be sent to Securus Technologies, who will screen and scan the mail. Inmates would then be able to view their mail on tablets provided by Securus Technologies.

“It will save a lot of man hours with the staff,” said Duchak, who explained that this will eliminate his staff having to screen the mail for contraband.

This update also comes with no extra cost to the county. Currently, the county receives 85 percent of the commission raised by the cost inmates and their loved ones spend on phone calls. This update would bring that commission down to 78 percent, but the county would also receive 20 percent of the commission spent on e-messaging and other services that Securus would offer through these tablets. Those commissions also go back into the county’s general fund and not the sheriff’s office budget.

Inmates would also get the opportunity to use their jail commissary funds to rent the tablets to use to listen to music or watch movies, all of which would be pre-approved by jail administrators. The county would also receive a commission on the funds raised by those purchases, and Duchak said that it would also help reduce problems between inmates and staff.

Duchak also said that he consulted with the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office on how this contract does not need to be re-bid due to no extra costs coming to the county. Duchak advised that his department had bid this contract out three years ago, and the other bidder besides Securus offered the county less commission on phone calls.

The commissioners have not yet voted on this amended contract.

By Sam Wildow

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Reach Sam Wildow at ©2019 Miami Valley Today, all rights reserved.