Restaurant robber arraigned

Piqua murder suspect also appeared in court

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MIAMI COUNTY — Walter C. Schwytzer III, 44, of Englewood was arraigned on a second aggravated robbery charge for allegedly robbing the Pearson House last Friday.

Schwytzer was arraigned on the same charge for robbing Tipp O’ the Town restaurant in Tipp City on Saturday.

His bond was set for $100,000. He remains in the Miami County Jail. Schwytzer allegedly entered both restaurants and handed the clerk a note stating he had a gun and demanded cash.

Following the robbery of Tipp O’ the Town, Schwytzer fled on foot when a patron chased him out to the parking lot as Schwytzer attempted to get away in a car. The man, who asked to remain anonymous, was a CCW carrier and held Schwytzer at gunpoint with his pistol until authorities arrived minutes later.

Schwytzer was also charged with possession of a drug abuse instrument.

In other court news:

James E. Wright, 35, of Piqua, was arraigned on attempted first degree murder and aggravated robbery on Tuesday. He also was arraigned on a third degree felony weapons under disability charge.

Wright’s bond was set at $750,000 for all three charges. Wright’s preliminary hearing was set for Dec. 9 in Miami County Municipal Court with Judge Elizabeth Gutmann presiding.

Last Saturday, Wright allegedly shot Robert V. Smith, 35, of Piqua, during an attempted robbery on South Main Street.

Officials state that Wright allegedly wanted money from Smith and fired multiple shots during an attempt to rob him. After being shot, Smith apparently went to 304 1/2 S. Main St., seeking help and Wright allegedly followed the wounded man, still attempting to rob him.

When Smith collapsed, Wright allegedly left the handgun used in the assault at the 304 1/2 S. Main St. address, and then fled. Officers recovered the weapon during the execution of a search warrant later.

Smith was released from the hospital on Sunday.
Piqua murder suspect also appeared in court

Staff Reports