Lehman Catholic holds annual science fair

SIDNEY — Lehman Catholic High School held its annual Science Fair on Feb. 13, in the Pride Family Gymnasium. LCHS students submitted 57 projects to be exhibited and judged. Twenty-three students received superior ratings, qualifying them to participate in the district competition. Students must earn at least 36 out of a possible 40 points to receive a superior rating.

Two Lehman students received the highest rating of 40 points for their projects: senior Kaila Sims for her project: Which formula is the most similar to Breastmilk? and freshman Adith Joshua George for his project: Hand Crank Bactericidal Water Heater.

The Lehman Catholic students listed below received a superior rating.


Alexis Bollinger – What effect does starch have on a liquid?

Meghan Chamberlin – Dissipation Station

Molly Greene – Point of Contact

Michael O’Leary – What is the predatory time in an African clawed frog?

David Rossman – What is the accuracy difference in three light source printers?

Kate Stewart – Which drink decays teeth the most?

Annamarie Stiver – Tablets verses Gel


Alexandra Casillas – Which natural materials clean up oil the best?

Dominic Casto – Angular Rocket Fins

Evie Olding – Peppermint vs Reaction Time

Jon VanSkiver – Do magnets affect regeneration in planeria?


Angela Brunner – Fluid with the optimal pH and ascorbic acid to reduce GI side effects in iron absorption,

Ann Deafenbaugh – Banana Peel Plastic

Lauren McFarland – Nuts for Energy


Allison Bornhorst – Which antibiotic is best at halting bacterial growth?

Cole Gilardi – The most efficient airfoil.

Alex Gleason – Ideal Plant Frequencies

Lily Greene – Do all proteins denature at the same temperature?

Nicholas Largent – How does the cold affect a hand warmer?

Jacquelyn Schemmel – Caseins and Coagulation

Mitchell Sollmann – Does the pH of water affect Zea Mays Identada growth?

The following Lehman Catholic students received the Governor’s Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in Student Research: Advanced Materials – David Rossman, Agriculture & Food Technology – Jacquelyn Schemmel, Biotechnology and Biomedical Technologies – Adith Joshua George, and Environmental Sciences – Lexy Casillas and Colleen O’Leary.

The Governor’s Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in Student Research stresses STEM Education which is both the mastery and integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for all PK-12 students. It incorporates scientific inquiry and technological design through student-focuses, project-based curricula to develop skills of communication, teamwork/collaboration, creativity/innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving.

All students who participated in the Science Fair received a certificate from the Ohio Academy of Science.

Lehman is grateful to the judges for giving their time and expertize to judge the projects. This year’s judges included: Laura Bertini, John Biggs with Emerson Climate Technology, Gary Bonifas, Judy Briggs, Joe Bundy with Hobart Brothers Inc., Kathy Cavinder with Sidney/Shelby County Health Department, Ann Comer, Mike Decker with DuBois Chemical, Dolores Droesch with Wilson Health, Audrey Frantz with Aida America, Zachary Frantz with Eagle Bridge, Bill Fuller with Ameri Water, Bill Hayes, Jim Hemm with Dare Electronics Inc., Jeff Hoying with Emerson Climate Technology, Reema Kamat with Emerson Climate Technology, Russell Kill with Holy Rosary School, Brent Lange with General Motors, Tom Largent, Brian Latham with Mercy St. Rita Medical Center, Ken Monnier with Emerson Climate Technology, Michelle Paulus with Catholic Social Services, Dennis Pax with Emerson Climate Technology, Vicki Quinter with Anna High School, Keith Reinhart with Emerson Climate Technology, Tom Rossman with Ohio Department of Transportation, Aaron Sargeant with Charles River Laboratories, Dr. William Schemmel with Ohio Vision LLC, Greg Schmiesing with Flinn Veterinary Clinic, Harold Schmiesing, Gary Schultz, Jeremy Scott with Emerson Climate Technology, Regina Scott with Wilson Health, Doug Smith with French Oil Mill Machinery Co., Betsy Snyder, Jon Snyder with ITW Hobart Brothers, Gwen Stiver with Holy Angels School, Jenny Weber, Dr. Paul Weber, Dr. John Wilding with Ohio Vision LLC, and Dr. Timothy Woodward with Tri-County Veterinary Service.

Faulty of the Lehman Catholic Science Department who mentored the students in preparing for the event include Tracy Hall, Leah Bertke and Science Department Chair Sister Ginny Scherer.

The District Science Fair will be held on March 9, at Edison State Community College. Those who receive superiors at that level will be invited to the State Science Fair at The Ohio State University on May 11.