CHS students achieve high OGT scores

COVINGTON — During the Covington Board of Education meeting Thursday, Superintendent Ken Miller gave positive Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) results from Covington High School students.

The OGT passage results are the following: reading, 95 percent; math, 97 percent; writing, 94 percent; science, 89 percent; and social studies, 92 percent. Miller said that the results were the “highest combined scores since the OGT was implemented.”

As for third grade students who took the Ohio Achievement Assessments test (OAA), in the fall, 16 students did not pass. Thanks to third grade staff and much intervention, Miller reported 14 out of the 16 students passed in the spring, with an average gain of 26 points. Statewide OAA test results had an average 80 percent passage, and Covington Elementary had a 96 percent passage, being higher than the state average.

An item for discussion during the board meeting was offering family athletic passes in the district. Alex Reck, representative of the athletic counsel, said he has been asked by numerous parents about offering a family pass to school sporting events. With a survey he put together, he reported 61 responses that supported the idea.

Those who oppose the idea fear that the passes would affect the general fund or the booster drive, Reck said.

“My concern is, when I go to football games, I see families waiting for halftime to come and leave, and that bothers me,” Reck said. “We give our athletic programs what they need and if it weren’t for the booster programs or for our fans, we wouldn’t have the facilities. I look at this as a way to give something back to the families.”

Miller voiced his thoughts on the matter.

“I think there needs to be discussion,” he said. “I don’t want this to be something that gets dropped and not discussed, because I think it’s worth discussing. I think it’s manageable (…) I think people need to have an opened mind to it and listen to what folks are trying to say.”

President of the board Dean Pond agreed with the proposal of having further discussion on offering athletic family passes.

Building project manager Steve Miller gave updates on HVAC renovation and painting at the high school, and progress on the new elementary building.

“Everything is going well with the PK-8 site,” Miller said. “We are still on schedule.”

Miller said the low-baring walls in the gym section are up in the PK-8 building, with the lane block in in the seventh and eighth grade academic area. Floor has been laid in the gym area.

Miller said HVAC project at the high school is doing well, and anticipates it will be done by Aug. 12. Miller suggested for floor work to be done in the commons area at the high school over Christmas break of the coming school year.

The CHS painting project will begin on July 20. Miller presented several color options, with he and the board approving the upper roofing areas to be black, and sandstone for the socket/bottom areas. Miller said the black “looks good” with the Buccs logo on the building and thinks it’s “a color everyone can live with.”

The board approved of the following items:

*To adopt temporary appropriations for the fiscal year 2016 in the amount of $11,873,605 based on 50 percent of the 2015 fiscal year permanent appropriations, as submitted. Treasurer Carol Forsythe said the amount is so high due to the building projects.

*Additional appropriations to close out the year with the amount of $8,064.78.

*Donations were accepted from the Felger Memorial Trust of $10,384.04 for Felger Scholarship Fund, Miami County Foundation of $3,000 for laptops for CHS business department, Covington Savings and Loan of $500 for Dollars for Scholars, Market on the Miami of $400 for FFA program, and Dr. Douglas Gordon of $100 for a class.

*General service contracts and fee structures with the Metropolitan Dayton Educational Cooperative Association for fiscal year 2016 at an annual cost of $17,948.70.

*The annual fifth grade trip to Washington D.C. Scheduled for May 17-21, 2016.

*To purchase fleet, property, and liability insurance through the Schools of Ohio Rish Sharing Authority at an annual premium of $32,802 for the period of July 1, 2015 through July 1, 2016.

*Adopted J.R. Clarke Public Library budget for 2016

*Approval of the superintendent or project manager to change orders and other documentation to amend or change an agreement related to the building projects in amounts up to and including $50,000.

*Award of a general contract for CHS painting work to Brian Bros. Painting & Restoration, LLC in the total amount of $24,960.

*Annexation of property purchase application and contract agreement