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By Sam Wildow - swildow@aimmedianetwork.com

PIQUA — Citizens for a Better Piqua and the city of Piqua are reviving an old program to bring together residents who need help on the maintenance of their homes and groups that are able to provide that help.

“This is something that Citizens for a Better Piqua talked about,” Kazy Hinds of Citizens for a Better Piqua said. Hinds explained that she had this idea of having a place where people who may need or want help can get connected with groups or individuals who are able to provide it.

Through the Housing Enhancement League of Piqua (HELP), Citizens for a Better Piqua is working to coordinate residents, businesses, civic and fraternal groups, churches, schools, neighborhood associations and other interested individuals that are interested in volunteering to help a neighbor in need. By offering to help with small projects such as snow removal, leaf raking, and minor home repairs, residents can continue to improve and beautify Piqua.

“We have revived the program and now are trying to get the word out to people,” Hinds said. Hinds said that this program is here for anyone who may need help “and also if you’re looking to do some type of mission work and give back to your community.”

“It’s mostly minor (work), not huge, big jobs,” Hinds said. A couple examples included a retired electrician providing help and kids doing yard work.

“It’s neighbors helping helping neighbors,” Hinds said.

The homeowner will also work side-by-side with those who come to work on the needs that have been identified in order to be a part of the solution unless the homeowner is not physically able.

“Not only do we want to help these people … I want to get into people’s homes and meet with them,” Hinds said. The help that a resident may need may not be the only issue at hand. In having those conversations within their home, the HELP committee may find out what other help might they need.

“Whether it be a connection with a food pantry or something like that,” Hinds said.

The program also helps bring people together and connect “the different sides of the community together.”

“It makes our community a better place,” Hinds said. “It also connects our community to one another.” In a world where it is easy to become isolated, Hinds said, “We don’t connect as much as we used to.”

“For me, with neighbors helping neighbors, you see these people in the grocery store, and you know them because you helped them,” Hinds said. “It just kind of goes hand-in-hand with that whole desire to make our community the best it can be.”

Upon request, a member of the HELP coordinating committee will meet with the homeowner. It will then be determined how the homeowner can assist those who will be providing the HELP that is needed to maintain the property and residence.

If someone is in need or would like to get involved, contact Resource Coordinator Nikki Reese, Piqua development program manager, at (937) 778-2062.


By Sam Wildow


Reach reporter Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall

Reach reporter Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall