Residents address flooding problem

Trustees field questions during meeting

By Melanie Yingst - Troy Daily News

CONCORD TWP. — With recent rain events, several residents addressed Concord Township trustees about water issues at their regular meeting on Wednesday.

Eugene and Judy Dammeyer, residents in the 1200 block of Pine Street, and Kyle and Christina Stephens, residents in the 1700 block of Beechwood Drive, addressed the trustees about flooding on their properties.

The Dammeyers asked if a ditch could be improved to clear water from the front yard of their property. The Stephenses said the flooding from last week’s rain, coupled with the frozen ground, led to flooding up to the first floor of their home. Christina Stephens said the flooding was so bad, her child was unable to be dropped off at their home.

Trustee Tom Mercer said township officials would contact the county engineer in both cases. Mercer said flooding in the Lakeshore/Beechwood Drive area has been “an ongoing issue.”

In regard to the flooding in the Beechwood area, trustees told the Stephenses that there were talks of improvements in the neighborhood at property owners’ expense, but the project never came to fruition due to the lack of property owners willing to take on the costs. One solution included re-routing the ditch to convey the water to the I-75 area.

Mercer also reported to the Stephenses that he had personally walked the property with county engineers and found that a railroad right-of-way might be the issue in alleviating the water build-up in large precipitation events. Mercer said the abandoned railroad area is privately owned by the adjacent property owners.

Trustee Don Pence urged the Stephenses to continue to talk to their neighbors about the issue and would help. Pence said water issues in that area are private property issues, not a public entity such as the township per their legal counsel’s advice in previous incidents.

Trustees told both parties who addressed them that the county engineer would be contacted and they would advise them on the status of their property issues. The Stephenses said they would continue to follow up on the flooding issues in the area until it was resolved.

Road Superintendent Neil Rhoades said he and his crew have clean and cleared catch basins. Rhoades said they were contacted about a plugged up area in the Red Oak Circle neighborhood that his crew cleared.

Trustee Bill Whidden reported the lease of the township’s 2678 State Route 718 property is up. The current tenant expressed interest in signing a three-year lease. Whidden said he’d have more information at the next meeting.

Trustees also approved a credit card expenditure to purchase a gas tank for $1,660 for their 2002 dump truck. Trustees gave verbal permission for the purchase due to the emergency and township workers replaced the broken tank themselves, saving the cost of labor.

The next meeting will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 13, at the Township building on Horizon West Court.

Trustees field questions during meeting

By Melanie Yingst

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