Operation Piqua Defender to exercise response to an intruder at Piqua Armory

For the Daily Call

PIQUA — The Piqua Police Department is sponsoring a functional exercise on Nov. 5 that will occur at the Piqua Armory. This exercise will provide participants with an opportunity to assess capabilities, plans, policies, and procedures. It will focus on decision-making, coordination, and integration with other organizations during a simulated violent intruder scenario.

The expected outcome of the exercise is enhancing internal and law enforcement responses, as well as confirmation and affirmation of considerable time spent with information sharing between the department and the soldiers that call Piqua “home.”

Residents are asked to understand the responses they may see or hear are simply a test, or practice, and no actual emergency exists.

The scenario will involve a violent intruder within the Piqua Armory. Full-time staff will exercise several functional responses and plans regarding such an incident. The Piqua Police Department will interact with the Armory staff with realistic response tactics in order to test the two organizations abilities to safely integrate response plans, and familiarize each other with functions to be performed in the event of an actual emergency.

The following agencies and organizations will participate in the exercise:

• Piqua National Guard Armory

• Bravo Battery, 1/137 Field Artillery

• 1487th Transportation Company

• Recruiting Office

• Piqua Police Department

Several other agencies/organizations that may respond in a support or mutual aid role will observe the exercise.


For the Daily Call