Council to review $1.5M Hobart Arena parking lot

Surface drainage, asphalt elevation needed

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Council will review recommendation to rebuild the Hobart Arena parking lot, which includes an additional $1 million over its projected $500,000 initial cost at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Monday at City Hall.

The parking lot project was part of the 2018 budget with an additional $1 million added to the first projected cost $500,000 after a consulting engineer determined surface drainage and asphalt elevation were needed. The additional funds are available in the Capital Improvement and Stormwater Fund, according to the committee report. The projected $1.5 million parking lot project is expected to add 50 additional parking spaces and the lot will be reconfigured to improve traffic flow. Additional lighting will be added to the parking lot as part of the project. City engineer Jill Rhoades at the committee meeting said the parking lot currently doesn’t have any drainage, catch basins or other stormwater outlets.

The city originally planned to resurface the parking lot, but the parking lot had not been redone in more than 30 years.

The agenda includes the following resolutions and ordinances:

• Resolutions:

R-50-2018 Bid Sidewalk Improvement Program, Phase 11, $350,000 — First reading

R-51-2018 Bid Hobart Arena Parking Lot Improvement Project, $1,500,000 — First reading

R-52-2018 Agreement to employ labor counsel — First reading

The personnel committee recommends the Director of Public Service and Safety enter into an agreement with the firm Jackson Lewis P.C. for legal services for collective bargaining and other personnel services. The city has six bargaining unit agreements, which are set to expire at the end of the year. The committee report notes the costs of the law firm will likely exceed the $50,000 purchase order limit.

R-53-2018 Agreement w/Access Engineering Solutions, LLC for the design of the Harrison-Atlantic Street Waterline, $65,000 — First reading

R-54-2018 Authorize execution of easements for Recreational Trail Resurfacing — First reading

The city will receive federal funds for the resurfacing of 1.5 miles of the recreational trail. As part of its funding, the city must acquire easements for the areas of the trail not located on city property. The footprint of the trail will not be changed and the majority of it is on public property, according to the committee report.

R-55-2018 Agreement for 2019-2021 w/Troy Police Officers Association — Emergency first reading

R-56-2018 Agreement for 2019-2021 w/Troy Police Sergeants Association — Emergency first reading

• Ordinances

O-47-2018 Vacate (narrow) portion of Drury Lane — First reading

O-48-2018 Amend KHN PD General Plan — Emergency first reading

The rezoning will add 6.12 acre parcel on West Water Street to the planned development for a total of 11.595 acres. A public hearing will be held Nov. 19.

O-49-2018 Rezone 532 Grant Street (IL 8661) from OR-1, Office-Residential District) to M-2, Light Industrial District Public Hearing 11-19-2018 — First reading

The owner and applicant is MVP 619 Lincoln Inc., Greg Taylor. The property was zoned OR-1 in 2016. The property was not converted to “upscale lofts” for residential housing and Taylor wishes to rezone the property to light industrial.

O-50-2018 Salary Ordinance 2019-2021, Police Officers and Sergeants — Emergency first reading

The salary and wages include a first year third class police officer’s beginning salary as of Jan. 1 2019, will be $53,107; $54,424.75 in 2020; and $55,523 in 2021. A first class police officer’s beginning salary will start at $73,521 in 2019; $75,360 in 2020; and $76,867 in 2021. A police sergeant’s hourly rate, promoted prior to Dec. 31, 2000, begins at $40.65 an hour in 2019; $41.67 in 2020 and $42.50 in 2020.

O-51-2018 Salary Ordinance 2019-2021, Non-Represented Employees — Emergency first reading

O-52-2018 Salary Ordinance 2019-2021, FLSA Exempt employees — Emergency first reading.

Surface drainage, asphalt elevation needed

By Melanie Yingst