Commissioners establish roads

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Commissioners established roads and stop signs in the Merrimont subdivision Tuesday.

The board voted to establish Windmere, Lincolnshire and Woodfield Drives in the Merrimont subdivision and designated them as township roads that will be maintained by Concord Township.

“We’ve inspected the roads and found them acceptable,” Miami County Engineer Paul Huelskamp said.

A stop sign will be placed at the intersection of Woodfield and Lincolnshire drives and another at the intersection of Lincolnshire and Windmere drives.

The board also signed an agreement with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office and the Miami County Park District for police protection.

According to Sheriff Dave Duchak, the agreement is the same as the one signed last year, except for a 2 percent wage increase. The agreement provides 40 hours per week of protection for the county’s parks, including the bike trails.

The park district has agreed to provide a vehicle and to pay for its fuel and maintenance.

The board approved the submission of a grant application requesting $20,195 for the purchase of a Spectra Precision Focus 35 robotic measuring device.

Duchak said this new measuring equipment only requires one deputy to operate it, instead of the current two. It will replace a similar piece of equipment that is more than 10 years old.

By Cecilia Fox

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