Students honored during monthly spotlight

BOE also accepts grants

By Sam Wildow -

BRADFORD — The Bradford Board of Education learned about students being honored during their monthly student spotlight at their meeting on Monday before approving annual resolutions.

Secondary Principal Matt Triplett honored secondary students Halley Petty and Caroline Gleason during the student spotlight.

Petty was nominated by school aide Donna Zartman, who said that Petty has already become a memorable student at Bradford schools.

“Halley stepped up and sang the national anthem at the first junior high football game,” Triplett said, reading a statement from Zartman. “Halley has overcome a lot and sees using her voice as her way of being in sports. She wants to sing at as many sporting events as she can.”

“She has an amazing voice,” Superintendent Joe Hurst said.

Gleason was nominated by language arts teacher Megan Link, who said that Gleason has been shining this year in her class.

Triplett also read a statement from Link about Gleason in which Link explained that “the overall improvement she has made this year from previous years and the amount of effort she puts into her work” were reasons she nominated Gleason for the student spotlight.

“This year, she is putting forth a lot of effort both in class and all the assignments she completes,” Triplett said.

Elementary Principal Michelle Lavey also honored Raiden Wombold, who was nominated for the student spotlight by fourth grade teacher Wanda Roberts.

“Raiden is the kind of student every teacher wants in their class,” Roberts said. “He takes his job in our classroom economy very seriously.”

Roberts said that Wombold is the classroom’s chief meteorologist and reports the weather daily.

“He never hesitates to help when he sees someone in need,” Roberts said, adding that Wombold is kind and polite to everyone.

During administrative reports, Lavey went over happenings at the elementary school, from a recent pep rally where the band performed in the hallways to Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT) meetings to come. Lavey said the elementary school recently learned about fire prevention and received a visit from the Illusion Maker, who taught students about recycling. Several students also went on an annual field trip to Charleston Falls, funded by a grant through the Miami County Parks District. Next week, there will be APTT meetings to strengthen teacher-family relations and go over Striving Readers grant. The Baking Club in grades 4-6 will be entering six different things in the Bradford Pumpkin Show this week.

On the middle and high school side, Triplett said the FFA recently attended the FFA Greenhand Camp and the sophomores went to Whirlpool for Manufacturing Day. Juniors and seniors also recently participated in the Buff-N-Tuff, Powder Puff, and homecoming activities.

“I think we have a great community of support,” Triplett said about the turnout at the homecoming parade. He estimated about 140 students attended the homecoming dance. “Overall, it went pretty well,” he said.

Dean of Students Bob Daugherty added later that “the kids were really well-behaved at the dance.”

In other news:

The board approved authorizing Treasurer Carla Surber to complete and file the five-year forecast for the 2019-2023 fiscal years as required by the state of Ohio.

The board approved accepting grants, including the school safety training grant from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Small Rural Schools grant in the amount of $23,897 for the 2018-19 school year. “It’s going to be used for the musical instruments,” Surber said.

The board later approved a resolution authorizing the purchase of competitive retail natural gas service from the lowest responsible bid submitted to the Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council for the period commencing July 2020 and terminating no later than June 2025.

The board then approved a service agreement for E-rate Funding in the amount of $2,400 for the 2019-20 fiscal year.

They also approved the eighth grade Washington, D.C. trip with K&K Tours departing Nov. 5 and returning Nov. 9.

BOE also accepts grants

By Sam Wildow

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