Sex offender charged with compelling prostitution

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PIQUA — A local man and a registered Tier I sex offender was charged with compelling prostitution on Wednesday after seeking sexual acts from subjects he thought were underage girls in August.

John M. Forsythe, 30, of Piqua, was arrested on a warrant for third-degree felony compelling prostitution on Wednesday. He was arraigned in Miami County Municipal Court on Thursday morning.

Deputy Chief Jason Preston of the Piqua Police Department explained that the police department received a complaint on Aug. 8, from two women after one of them had received a Facebook message from someone discussing house cleaning and massages.

“This person didn’t know who was contacting them at the time,” Preston said.

The conversation went from Facebook messages to texting. The suspect sought massages and sexual acts from someone he reportedly believed to be underage.

Preston said that the time span of the investigation was due to the police department waiting on several subpoenas to determine the owner of the cell phone used in the conversations. Once the cell phone was determined to have belonged to Forsythe, he was taken into custody.

Once in custody, Forsythe admitted he engaged in online conversations with what he thought were underage girls, Preston said. The two women who reported the incident were in their early 20s, but Forsythe reportedly believed the recipients of his messages were under the age of 18. Forsythe also said that he sought the sexual acts because he felt “lonely and unwanted,” according to Piqua police reports.

Forsythe is also a registered Tier I sex offender, which is the lowest sex offender classification. Tier I sex offenders must register once a year for 15 years with the sheriff of the county in which the offender lives, works, and attends school. Forsythe was convicted of engaging in sexual conduct with a minor in January 2012 and failure to provide a change of address in August 2015.

Forsythe was incarcerated in the Miami County Jail on Wednesday and is continuing to be held there on $100,000 bond.

A preliminary hearing for Forsythe is scheduled for Oct. 3.


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