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Donate your old cell phones

PIQUA — The YWCA Piqua will be collecting paper/Styrofoam plates, cups, plastic ware and napkins in the Big Orange Barrel for the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County during the month of October.

According to Leesa Baker, executive director, the YWCA has been collecting and donating items in October for a number of years. “The community has always been very supportive of this effort. We have been able to contribute many items each year which help many women and their families through the Abuse Shelter. Our donations are most appreciated.”

Items especially needed this year are paper products for eating (plates, cups, silverware and napkins. “These donations will help the Shelter with items used for meals,” said Barbie Holman, executive director of the Abuse Shelter.

The YWCA Piqua has also been collecting old cell phones for the Miami County Family Abuse Shelter since March 2004. To date over 3,500 phones have been given to the shelter. This year-round project also adds support to women through the Abuse Shelter. “The Abuse Shelter is very grateful for all of the donations of cell phones throughout the year,” Holman continued.

Donated phones are reprogrammed to 9-1-1 and given to victims of domestic violence. The donation of a cell phone allows victims to call local law enforcement should they need immediate help. The YWCA Piqua is a designated drop off location for the Miami County Family Abuse Shelter.

Barb Davis, public policy chairperson, commented that, “The YWCA Piqua collects the cell phones as a part of its mission statement to empower women.”

Donations continue to be accepted for this on-going program. Even cell phones that do not work or do not have a charger are accepted. Phones not used at this shelter can be sold and the monies used to benefit the Miami County Family Abuse Shelter.

Be sure to clear all personal information from the phone and, if possible, include the phone’s charger. Look for the donation box in the lobby at the YWCA Piqua at 418 N. Wayne St., Piqua.

“This is a great way for individuals, businesses and industries to feel good about helping others instead of leaving the phone on the shelves at home or work,” said Gretchen Roeth, community relations director of the YWCA Piqua.

Items for The Big Orange Barrel can be dropped off in the barrel located in the lobby of the YWCA at any time during the month of October.

Donate your old cell phones