Teacher allegedly tapes student

BRADFORD — A teacher in the Bradford School District is reported to have taped a student’s arms and possibly the child’s mouth shut last week.

Chief Deputy Dave Duchak said the Miami County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Miami County Children’s Services on Monday after children’s services was contacted by the alleged victim’s parents.

A detective interviewed the victim’s family, except for the child involved. The victim will be interviewed today, as well as any other students and staff who witnessed the event. The accused teacher also will have the chance to explain their side of the story.

“We will thoroughly look into (the incident) and give our findings to the prosecuting office for their review,” Duchak said.

He also stated that no one was physically harmed during the incident.

Superintendent Ken Miller said the board of education is working closely with law enforcement and administration is doing its own internal investigation of the incident.

“The administrative team and board will have an appropriate response (after investigation) … we are doing the best for the safety and security for students,” Miller said.

The teacher has been “assigned to home.” Their return to the classroom is pending until the investigation is complete.

Investigation continues in Bradford case

By Amy Barger



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