Pumpkin pageant open to contestants

Entry deadline is Sept. 30

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, the Bradford Pumpkin Show will host its 13th Annual Little Miss & Master Pumpkin pageant. The pageant will begin at 4:30 p.m. on the North end entertainment stage with the winners announced following the parade. This event is sponsored by Littman-Thomas Agency, a residential and business insurance provider since the 1860s.

All contestants must be between 2-5 years of age as of Oct. 1, and must be able to walk onto the stage by him/herself. The theme for this year’s pageant is “Ninety Golden Years”; dress as something that is “golden.” Whether you’re walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes, Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, Goldilocks, one of “The Golden Girls” or the goose that laid the golden egg, everything will glitter with gold to help celebrate the Pumpkin Show’s milestone 90th anniversary.

All contestants will be judged in the following categories: Appearance, Stage Presence/Poise, Originality and Crowd Response. There will be no pre-judging or interviewing of the contestants.

Little Miss & Master Pumpkin winners will each receive $50 and a trophy. First runner-up winners will receive $25 and a trophy, and second runners-up will receive $15 and a trophy. A trophy also will be awarded to the Best Costume Little Miss & Master Pumpkin contestants.

All contestants are invited to ride through the parade in their own vehicle. If participating in the parade, the vehicle must be marked on both sides with the child’s name and be at the Bradford High School at 6:15 p.m. for the parade line-up.

If you are interested in entering, please send a $20 non-refundable check made payable to the Bradford Pumpkin Show, c/o Kathy Weldy, 426 School St., Bradford, OH 45308. Entry deadline is Sept. 30. Along with the entry fee, please include your child’s name, date of birth, parents’ names, e-mail address and telephone number where you can be reached. Also include a note of any special interest(s) the contestant may have (e.g., favorite cartoon, pet, hobby, etc.). In addition, please note whether or not you will be participating in the Wednesday evening parade prior to the contest. Registration forms are available on the Pumpkin Show’s website (bradfordpumpkinshow.com).

There also will be a Little Miss & Master Pumpkin Float Contest prior to the parade. All floats must be brought to the Bradford High School parking lot on Wednesday by 6:15 p.m. for judging. Best Float Overall will receive $75 and a trophy, second place will receive $50 and a trophy, and third place receives a trophy.

Little Miss & Master Pumpkin winners will ride on the royalty float in the parade on Thursday and Saturday of the 2018 Bradford Pumpkin Show. Float winners are also invited back to participate in these parades. Please be at the Bradford High School by 6:15 p.m. for the parade line up on Thursday and 3:15 p.m. on Saturday.

For questions or more information, contact Kathy Weldy at (937) 417-3010.

Entry deadline is Sept. 30