Church to undertake unique Bible study

Public invited to participate

By Sam Wildow -

PIQUA — Westminster Presbyterian Church is implementing a new 31-week program, and they are inviting the public to follow along.

Members of Westminster Presbyterian Church, located at 325 W. Ash St., will be reading the Bible cover to cover — but in chronological order using a book called “The Story” by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee.

Pastor Todd Allen of Westminster Presbyterian Church explained that Locado and Frazee rearranged key passages of the New International Version translation of the Bible so that the events were taking place in chronological order, and it is a resource that Allen has utilized with two of his previous congregations that he led in North Carolina and Alaska.

“It was new to me as a resource,” said Allen, who was introduced to “The Story” in North Carolina. “I liked what I saw, and I kind of adopted it.”

In a letter to members of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Allen explained how, when he is drafting his sermons, he uses a resource called the Lectionary that provides selected Bible passages that are also thematically related to one another.

“This leads to a message that is usually focused upon a single principle or teaching,” Allen said. “But what if you and I could step back and see how the whole of Scripture — the entire Bible — is one big teaching? As a single lesson about God, humanity, and our world? I am delighted that your Session is excited with the thought of using ‘The Story.’”

For Westminster Presbyterian Church, this is an opportunity to get back to the basics of the Bible.

“It brings us face-to-face with some of those stories we haven’t seen since Bible school,” Allen said.

Westminster Presbyterian Church is also inviting members of the public to participate in this venture. They will be selling copies of “The Story” at a discounted rate after their 10:30 a.m. services on Aug. 26, Sept. 2, and Sept. 9. People can also contact the church at (937) 773-0564 to reserve a copy. The church will also be utilizing a reference guide.

“We would welcome anybody to join us on this journey,” Allen said.

They will discuss each of the chapters and passages on 31 Sundays through Sunday morning worship and adult education classes. Those who are not able to attend the adult education classes are encouraged to follow along on the church’s “Westminster Presbyterian” Facebook page. This program will begin on Sept. 9, and conclude on May 4, taking a break for Lent.

For more information, contact Westminster Presbyterian Church, visit, or email

Public invited to participate

By Sam Wildow

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