Commission votes down paver project 3-2

By Sam Wildow -

PIQUA — The Piqua City Commission voted down an improvement project aimed at replacing pavers in front the Fort Piqua Plaza by a vote of 3-2 during their meeting Tuesday evening.

City Commissioners John Martin, Bill Vogt, and Kris Lee voted against a resolution awarding a contract to Double Jay Construction for the Fort Piqua Plaza Paver Modification project, while City Commissioner Dave Short and Mayor Kazy Hinds voted in favor of the resolution.

The city sought to replace pavers on the side of the plaza in front of the Piqua Public Library. The current pavers are in “bad shape,” as they are broken up or settling and causing a trip hazard, according to City Engineer Amy Havenar. The contract was not to exceed $26,290, which included a 10 percent contingency.

The commissioners who voted against the contract did not appear to be against the project itself but rather the materials that were to be used, as Martin repeatedly suggested using concrete.

Havenar said that the plans were to reinstall brick pavers to match the rest of the downtown aesthetically.

“Why would we not go with the concrete? Concrete lasts longer,” Martin said.

Havenar said that concrete would cost more upfront, require additional upkeep, and would not match the rest of the pavers in the area since the project would have only replaced the pavers in front of the library and not around the other sides of the plaza. The additional upkeep with concrete would have included resealing the concrete every two or three years, she said.

Lee asked about the longevity of the brick pavers.

Havenar did not give a specific length of time, but she said that the majority of the pavers downtown were installed in 2000 and 2001 and are “still going strong.” Havenar explained that those specific pavers in front of the plaza were not installed by the city’s specifications for pavers, which was why those pavers needed to be replaced while other pavers around downtown are still in good shape.

“I think for the historic structure that it is, you don’t want to be mixing the two types of things around the plaza,” City Manager Gary Huff said.

Short made the motion to adopt the resolution. Martin originally seconded that motion before voting against the resolution with Lee and Vogt.

Also on Tuesday evening, the commission approved a contract to Milcon Concrete, Inc. for the construction of the Commercial Street Utilities project, which will replace storm sewer and sanitary sewer lines as well as relocate water lines. The contract is not to exceed approximately $485,849, which includes a 10 percent contingency.

Also during their meeting, the commission approved purchasing property at 219 Spring St., previously part of Bayman’s Auto Sales. The purpose of the property purchase is to facilitate economic development in the downtown riverfront area. The cost of the purchase will be $75,000.

The commission later authorized the lease of space on the R.M. Davis Water Tower to Goldstar Communications. Goldstar Communications is a subsidiary of NK Telco, and they will lease space on the water tower for fixed wireless antennas to support the buildout of the fiber network for NK Telco.

Next on the agenda, the commission approved a contract with Vectren Energy Delivery for the installation of gas facilities to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The cost is not to exceed $30,600, which includes a 10 percent contingency.

The commission also waived the three-reading rule and approved an ordinance to add the position of a threat assessment officer to the city’s list of part-time employees. The cost of hiring two part-time employees in that position will be reimbursed by Piqua City Schools.

The commission also heard the first reading of an ordinance to remove the position of assistant city manager/development and add the position of community and economic development director to the list of full-time, non-union city employees.

The commission tabled two purchase orders for the Public Works Department, including the purchase order to Reineke Ford Lincoln, Inc. for a 2019 Ford F350 Dump Truck and a purchase order to Kalida Truck Equipment, Inc. for a dump bed. The commission then approved a purchase order to R.L. Parsons and Son Equipment for the purchase of a remote control slope mower in the amount of approximately $99,103.

The commission also approved levying special assessments for the cost of nuisance abatements onto affected property owners’ property taxes. The levy assessments will be for the total reimbursement of approximately $61,872 to the city of Piqua for nuisance conditions that the city abated on properties.

The commission also established Trick or Treat night in Piqua as Oct. 30 from 6-8 p.m.

By Sam Wildow

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