Young Marines attend encampment

DELAWARE, Ohio — From Aug. 3-7, members of Alpha Platoon (Huber Heights) and Bravo Platoon (Troy) of the Miami Valley Young Marines attended the Division 5 encampment at Camp Lazarus at Delaware, Ohio.

A total of 307 Young Marines attended the event hosted by the Division 5 Commander. The United States Young Marine organization is divided into six divisions. The Division 5 organization formally consists of six states (Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin); however, Young Marines from all over the United States attended.

From very early in the morning until late at night, Marine-style training was conducted. Among the many subjects covered were: Leadership, Teambuilding, Drug Demand Reduction, CPR/AED, First Aid, Fire Prevention and Safety, Advanced Field, Communications, Map and Compass, Land Navigation, High Ropes, Canoeing, Swim Clinic, Advanced Drill and Color Guard, Automotive and Cooking Basics, Pistol and Rifle Safety.

Although 90 degree weather presented difficulty to the training environment, the Young Marines participated in all training events and challenging competitions. They were proud to complete the encampment with a high-quality training experience and certification in valuable life skills.

Of other local interest and at the request of the Miami Valley Young Marine Unit Commander, the Huber Heights Fire Division (HHFD) Community Outreach Team (COT) traveled to Camp Lazarus to provide professional CPR/AED and Fire Prevention training to the Young Marines. One of the highlights of the HHFD experience was a visit to the COT members by the National Executive Director of Young Marines, Colonel William Davis (USMC-Retired), who offered his personal congratulations and gratitude. The team also received formal appreciation certificates from the Division 5 Commander.

The Young Marines is a national organization that has existed since 1959, under the sponsorship of the United States Marine Corps and the Marine Corps League. Boys and girls, age eight through high school seniors, are eligible for membership. Each unit is led by a dedicated adult volunteer staff which makes every effort to pass along positive citizenship values, the honorable pursuit of community service and structured Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) education. This program benefits the members, combating destructive influences before they can take root. The MVYM conducts regular drill in Huber Heights and in Troy.

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