Piqua PD discusses transparency

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PIQUA — The following is a press release from the Piqua Police Department discussing the issue of transparency in the way law enforcement keeps the public informed:

The Piqua Police Department is constantly balancing the public interests of knowing what they are doing with the legal protections afforded to private individuals and the integrity of criminal investigations. Their records belong to citizens, so they have systems in place to ensure the public of the transparency they deserve.

“We got some statistics from one of our public information platforms today,” said Piqua Chief of Police Bruce Jamison. “This shows us that thousands of people have seen our public information logs. Our goal is to be sure everyone that is interested is aware of the tools our department makes available so they are conscious of what their tax dollars are being used for.”

Jamison went on to explain how PROTECT officer help in teaching citizens how to make the best use of these tools based on their personal interests.

Public Information Logs and Media Arrest Summaries

Three times a week, the Piqua Police Department publishes a report that shows every incident they responded to after they have reviewed it for any information they are prohibited by law from releasing. In very unusual situations where they have requested a warrant for an arrest on a pending case, they might redact that arrest record. These logs are first sent to media outlets. They then do some further redaction for privacy concerns and publish the reports to the general public to https://issuu.com/piquapd. Because some of these redactions are still public record, they release the redacted information upon request. There is a link to this platform on their website, http://piquaoh.org/city-departments/police-department/police-public-information-activity-logs/ and their website explains how to understand this information in proper context.

Community Crime Map

Every interested citizen is encouraged to go to https://communitycrimemap.com/, zoom into Piqua, and see a map of their incidents. These incidents are downloaded around 5 a.m. daily. Citizens can even set up “crime alerts” so they receive an emailed report of incidents that would interest them (all within a certain radius of their home, all of a certain type in Piqua, etc.) at the frequency they desire. This is a customized neighborhood watch report.

Personal Assistance

They understand that not all citizens are able to access these without assistance. If any Piqua resident would like help getting to published information, customized to their particular interest, they would like to help. Call (937) 778-2027, option 2, and ask to speak to the on-duty PROTECT officer (24/7); they will personally direct you to this information. If they are not available at that moment, please leave a message with your contact information. You can also email policePROTECT@piquaoh.org and your email will be responded to by an on-duty PROTECT officer or assigned to one within 24 hours.

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