BBQ champ to offer pork in the park

Susie’s Big Dipper returns as well

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PIQUA – Saturday’s Rock Piqua! concert will not only offer some classic rock and roll, but also a taste of This Little Swine of Mine.

About five years ago, Todd Haase of Piqua decided to try his hand at barbecue, creating recipes for rubs and sauces for slow smoked pork and chicken that have since put him in the Top 10 at several BBQ competitions.

His secret? “I cook competition style. Low and slow,” Haase said of his pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and chicken.

Saturday’s event will feature pulled pork sliders, Haase said.

Starting out with a couple small smokers, a folding table and his own recipes, Haase began traveling to participate in BBQ competitions. So far he’s been part of 25 such events.

“Within a four-hour drive of here between April and October, I could compete every weekend,” said Haase, who has taken his award-winning smoked barbecues to Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, as well as to several Ohio events.

After being named in the Top 10 consistently, Haase and his wife, Cheryl, decided to “pull the trigger and get a bigger smoker and a food truck that would serve both competitions and concessions.”

The couple also do a lot of local catering, he said — for example, for graduation parties, family and neighborhood events.

“I guess for me, the reason we do a lot of catering is because it gives me more opportunity to practice,” in order to compete. Haase said. “It’s not just putting meat on the smoker. I inject it, rub it. Professionally, I’m an engineer (at Sidney’s Hydro Extruded Solutions). I love all the steps and the science to it,” he said of the art of barbecue.

Haase said he personally knows all the butchers in the area and always uses the freshest cuts of meat.

“When I travel, I always throw a cooler in the car and after work, I’ll go check out all the grocery stores,” he said, explaining that he does this to look for the best briskets and ribs.

At Thanksgiving and Christmas, he’s been known to prepare meat for neighbors and friends’ holiday entertaining.

Stop by This Little Swine of Mine food truck at Rock Piqua for a barbecue that Haase said tastes more like Kansas City barbecue, which is in keeping with his goal to compete in the Kansas City Barbecue Society’s famous competition. Additionally, Susie’s Big Dipper will be on hand with hamburgers, brats and ice cream products.

The free Rock Piqua! concert will begin at 7 p.m. Saturday in Lock Nine Park and will feature Zack Attack and The Classic Rock Experience. No outside food or beverages are permitted.

Susie’s Big Dipper returns as well

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