Utility assistance offered

MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County Community Action Council (CAC) is administering the HEAP Summer Crisis Program (SCP) through August 2018. This program provides a one-time payment on a current electric bill. All households must be below 175 percent of the poverty index for their household size as shown below.

1 person: monthly $1,770.42 — yearly $21, 245 2 people: monthly $2,400.42 — yearly $28,805 3 people: monthly $3,030.42 — yearly $36,365 4 people: monthly $3,660.42 — yearly $43,925 5 people: monthly $4,290.42 — yearly $51,485 6 people: monthly $4,920.42 — yearly $59,045

Only senior age (60+) households or households that can provide physician documentation that cooling assistance is needed for a household member’s health will qualify for assistance under this year’s program. These households do not need to be in threat of disconnect to receive assistance. Households in need of assistance must call Miami County CAC at 335-7921 to request an appointment and be advised on the documentation necessary to complete the application, such as social security cards for all household members, verification of household income, and verification of disability.