City offers recycling guidelines

For the Daily Call

PIQUA — The City of Piqua’s staff has been picking up recyclables from residents since 2015. The city’s Sanitation Department has partnered with the Miami County Transfer Station to transport and bring recyclables to Rumpke Recycling in Dayton, where the materials are sorted and brokered to manufacturers.

However, the key players in the recycling program’s success are Piqua’s residents.

In 2017, Piqua’s curbside recycling program recycled over 1,460 tons of material – about 15 percent of the trash produced by residential households. In order to keep the momentum going, the Sanitation Department reminds residents to recycle what they can, and to make sure they’re recycling correctly.

What goes in the bin?

  • Cardboard
  • Paper of all types: Office paper, newspaper, even glossy magazines!
  • Steel cans
  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastics #1 and #2: Soda bottles are an example of #1 plastic; detergent jugs are an example of #2.
  • Glass bottles and jars

What does not go in the bin?

  • Plastic bags or wraps: Make sure to dump recyclables out of plastic bags and into the bin.
  • Window or light bulb glass
  • Electronics of any kind
  • Batteries: Batteries have been responsible for fires at several recycling facilities in Ohio
  • Paper contaminated with food

By recycling common items – like cans and cardboard – Rumpke’s facility can easily sort items into reusable materials. And keeping non-recyclable materials out of the bin keeps the cost of transportation and sorting down. With your help, Piqua can keep recycling for years to come!

For the Daily Call