Miami County Marriages

Aaron Matthew Wright, 28, of 2514 Glasgow Drive, Troy to Molly Rose Smith, 24, of same address.

James Paul Jackson Jr., 44, of 3620 Cassandra Drive, Tipp City to Kristy Anne Pflug, 36, of same address.

Joshua Anthony Lloyd Shoffner, 29, of 309 S. High Street, Covington to Limhoung Hean, 28, of same address.

Rachel Ann Weaver, 51, of 314 Pinewood Avenue, Piqua to Leslie Robert Long, 55, of 1110 Walker Street, Piqua.

Amy Lynn Lucas, 40, of 2406 Highland Ct., Troy to Kristofer Erik Tims, 35, of same address.

Leslie Arlyn Doud, 53, of 2607 Amberly Court, Troy to Sally Ann Lanning, 36, of 225 Penn Road, Troy.

Lara Ann Gillespie, 22, of 1027 Walker Street, Troy to Jonathon Storm Farmer, 23, of same address.

William Nunez, 56, of 1255 Todd Lane Apt. A, Troy to Julie Ann Clarkson, 39, of same address.

Ashley Louise Jackson, 32, 3200 Sioux, Piqua to Troy Jay Thompson, 38, of 1442 North Road, Troy.

Betsy Jane Pierson, 38, of 720 S. Wayne Street, Piqua to Eric Jonathan Darner, 40, of same address.

Willard Laurence Preston, 60, 1500 Manier, Piqua to Luv Alissa Meade, 44, of same address.

Joanna Lee Baldwin, 43, of 508 S. Walnut Street, Troy to Christpoher James Benton, 39, of same address.

Donna Marie Mishnick, 60, of 110 Lake Avenue SE, Bemidji, Minn. to Alan Casey Wintrow, 50, of same address.

Timothy Richard Cantrell, 34, of 742 Gordon Street, Piqua to Crystal Anne Allen, 34, of same address.

Alexander Jameson Mikel, 26, of 135C Bevonne Court, West Milton to Tara Jasmine Corfield, 23, of same address.

Angela Rochelle Bradley, 39, of 246 Woodlawn Drive, Tipp City to John Harley Seiber, 39, of same address.

Holly Andrea Adkisson, 38, of 6215 Pisgah Drive, Tipp City to Timothy Jacob Kesling, 39, of 8744 Mardi Gras, Huber Heights.

Allison Eileen Black, 25, of 5870 N. Washingotn Road, Piqua to Matthew Albert Schwartz, 36, of same address.

Anthony James Rodefer, 27, of 826 Branford Road, Troy to Emily Virginia Houk, 21, of same address.

Brandy Mae Williams, 40, of 511 Harrison Street, Piqua to Edward Lee Lewis II, 39, of same address.

Kenton Michael Dickison, 22, of 1750 North State Route 48, Pleasant Hill

Eric Lee Brewster, 29, of 1410 S. State Route 48, Ludlow Falls to Brittany fay Kelly Kuder, 20, of 926 Caldwell Street, PIqua.

Chassy Ramont Taylor, 28, of 638 Gordon Street, Piqua to Ashley Triska Dawn Jones, 25, of same address.

Stephanie Lynn Meyer, 34, of 6833 Bejay Drive, Tipp City to Eric Daniel Lyons, 35, of same addrss.

David Richard Hayes, 68, of 4240 State Route 48, West Milton to Krstine Maud Dick, 67, of same address.

Nikole Lynn Smith, 41, of 926 New Haven Road, Piqua to Rick Lee Jackson, 40, of same address.

Lisa Marie Freitas, 49, of 1144 Stephenson Drive Apt. H, Troy to Dale Allen Thompson, 46, of same address.

Nathaniel Scott Holobaugh, 36, of 1065 Kessler Cowlesville, Troy to Maryann Wilson, 37, of same address.

Cameron Vance Straka, 30, of 1045 Boone Street, Piqua to Madison Elizibeth Mosser, 23, of same address.

Brenda Sue Kuhn, 69, of 1417 Fairfax Avenue, Piqua to James Richard Jacobs, 74, of 321 Blaine Avenue, Piqua.

Pamela Sue Zorn, 59, of 7309 S. Kissimmee Street, Tampa, Fla. to Jack Conrad Williamson, 52, of same address.

Jayson Adam White, 30, of 5250 Holfinger, Road, Piqua to Tracy Michelle Payne 27, of same address.

Kimberly Down SLone, 43, of Kirtwood Drive, Termperance, Mi to Eric Van Leverenz, 51, of same address.

Aaron Shadd, 44, of 1130 Chevy Lane, Piqua to Vicki Lynn Dunlap, 54, of same address.