Commissioners accept return from CORSA

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Commissioners accepted a $17,310 check from the County Risk Sharing Authority (CORSA) Tuesday morning.

Every year CORSA returns to its members about $2.4 million in the form of credits and risk management service programs, CORSA’s managing director John Brownlee said. This year, CORSA decided to give back an additional $1 million in the form of a check.

“It’s direct result of your hard work, though. Everybody’s hard work pooling together allows us to be able to do this,” Brownlee said.

CORSA is a not-for-profit property and liability risk sharing pool, which is sponsored by the County Commissioners Association of Ohio.

The amount returned was determined by the number of years the county has been a CORSA member and how much the county has paid into the total loss fund over the years.

“I really think that the programs that you have instituted for risk reduction made a real difference,” Commissioner Jack Evans said.

Brownlee noted that a dividend in the form of a check is likely a “one time deal,” but added, “as long as our financial condition improves, there could be a possibility of a check in the future, but no guarantees.”

CORSA was founded in 1987 because many counties were unable to get liability insurance after the Ohio Supreme Court abolished sovereign immunity for public entities. Miami County joined CORSA in 1991.

Today CORSA provides property and liability coverage, as well as risk management services, to 65 Ohio counties. It is governed by a board of directors made up of county commissioners from member counties. Miami County Commissioner Jack Evans is the current president of the board.

In other business, the commissioners accepted a quote for 250 additional device licenses and two additional technician licenses for the county’s monitoring and support system. The cost is not to exceed $10,654.

The licenses are needed due to the addition of devices to the network, as well as the migration of the Sheriff’s Office to the county’s domain. The additional technician licenses will allow the IT Department to monitor for issues and provide remote support.

By Cecilia Fox

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