Supporters need recognition

To the Editor:

While purchases of champion and reserve champion livestock exhibited at the 2017 Miami County Fair were acknowledged in the 2018 fair guide, those purchasing the “Best of Show” winners of the baking/candy contests in the Art Hall were not.

We wish to acknowledge and thank the following people who purchased the winning pies, cakes, etc.: Christa Everett, Joe Hartzell, Brad Havenar, Lisa Hiler, Karen Honeyman, Annette and Rick Laughman, Greg Lyons, Judy Malafa, Sue Martin, Jim and Anna McCarroll, Cindy McDonough, Virginia Mitchem, Grant Myers, David Norman, Randy Payne, James Starry, Annette Troutman, Rick Wallen, Harley Weldy, and Shary Weldy.

“Best of Show” winners receive a percentage of the sale of their item. The remainder is designated for Art Hall ribbons/awards and other expenses of the exhibition as there are few sponsors for both the Art Hall and Horticulture Hall.

The Art Hall Baked Goods Auction is open to anyone wishing to purchase, either as an individual or as a representative for a business of company. This auction will be held at noon Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018 at the east end of the Art Hall, unless otherwise announced.

Thanks again to those who supported this event last year.

— Jean Wilhelm

Art Hall volunteer