Commissioners begin budget process for 2019

General fund expenditures to increase 7.6 percent

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — In the first step of the budgeting process for next year, the Miami County Commissioners adopted the 2019 tax planning budget at their meeting on Tuesday.

The requested general fund expenditures are limited to $33,534,307 for next year, a 7.6 percent increase over the tax budget approved for 2018. General fund revenues are estimated to be $27,563,844 in 2019.

Commissioner Jack Evans said he is “confident we will find a path towards a balanced budget in 2019.”

A portion of the increase is due to the planned opening of the fourth pod at the incarceration facility. The expected revenue generated by renting out beds in the fourth pod was not accounted for in the 2019 revenue estimates.

The board noted that sales tax revenues and property tax collections are stable, but other sources of revenue have declined, the largest of which is the elimination of Medicare service tax collection.

The opening of a third pod at the incarceration facility for female inmates also added to the general fund costs.

“Opening up that fourth pod at the incarceration facility, hopefully we can open it sooner than later, but we’ll be able to rent the beds and add some needed revenue,” Commissioner Greg Simmons said.

Commissioner John “Bud” O’Brien noted that this is his 12th and last tax budget.

“I have confidence our elected officials and department heads will make the tough decisions to assist us in that process,” he said.

Total revenue in all county funds is expected to be $82,990,476 and appropriations are projected at $93,048,916.

The commissioners will hold hearings with each elected official and department head this fall to go over their budget requests. The final step will be the adoption of the 2019 appropriations in December.

General fund expenditures to increase 7.6 percent

By Cecilia Fox

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