Troy man sentenced to 8 years

McKinley Kurcharski, 25, guilty of sexual contact with five minors

By Melanie Yingst -

MIAMI COUNTY — A Troy man was sentenced to serve more than eight years in prison for a variety of charges related to the unlawful sexual conduct of a minor in Miami County Common Pleas Court on Monday.

Judge Jeannine Pratt sentenced McKinley Kurcharski, 25, to serve a total of 106 months, or eight years and 10 months, in prison.

Pratt said the consecutive sentences were to protect the public and Kurcharski posed a danger to the public as well as the harm caused was so great with multiple victims “targeted and manipulated with drugs and pornography.”

Pratt also said Kurcharski’s actions caused her “tremendous concern” and were “predatory.”

In previous court hearings, Kurcharski entered a guilty plea to five counts of the fourth-degree felony unlawful sexual conduct of minors, one count of third-degree felony unlawful sexual conduct, one count of fourth-degree felony corrupting another with drugs, and three counts of fifth-degree felony disseminating material harmful to juveniles.

Kurcharski’s public defense attorney Steve Layman said his client was cooperative with Troy Police Department and was remorseful for his actions.

“I’m deeply sorry for what I’ve done,” Kurcharski said. As part of the plea agreement, Miami County Assistant Prosecutor Paul Watkins remained silent.

One of the five minor victims was present in the courtroom. The mother of one of the victims spoke on her daughter’s behalf and also provided a statement. The victim’s mother said her daughter has nightmares from his conduct.

“I’m sick to my stomach about what he’s done,” she said. Both the mother of the victim and her daughter’s letter to the court said they hope he got help while he was incarcerated. The victim also referred to Kurcharski as the “Grim Reaper…hunting young girls.”

According to the police investigation, Kurcharski would provide marijuana to the minors and engage in sexual conduct with them at his residence in Troy or in his car. While interviewing two of the victims, Kurcharski text messaged one of the teens and asked the teen to perform inappropriate sexual requests next time she came over.

Kurcharski was granted 167 days in jail credit. He will serve five years of mandatory post-release control. He also was labeled a Tier II sex offender.

Kurcharski also was charged with possession of a deadly weapon inside an incarceration facility. That charge is pending.

McKinley Kurcharski, 25, guilty of sexual contact with five minors

By Melanie Yingst