Commissioners OK paving contract

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — On Thursday, the Miami County Commissioners signed off on the county’s annual asphalt resurfacing, sealing and road striping programs.

The commissioners approved a contract with the John R. Jurgenson Company for the 2018 asphalt concrete resurfacing program at a cost of about $2.5 million.

The work includes the county fairgrounds, and County Engineer Paul Huelskamp noted that the goal is to have that portion of the work completed before the fair in August.

The commissioners also approved a contract with Wagner Paving for the sealing program at a cost of $150,262, as well as a contract for $150,303 with Aero-Mark for center and edge lining.

Huelskamp said all three contracts went to the lowest bidder and are all companies the county has worked with previously.

The commissioners also approved the purchase of social media archiving services at a cost of $2,388 per year.

According to IT Director Matt Watkins, ArchiveSocial will automatically archive the content shared to various county departments’ social media accounts, which is considered public record. Public records must be preserved and available for public records requests in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code.

While not the lowest bid received, Clerk Leigh Williams said the service was chosen because it had the most use-friendly interface, required the least set up and had the capacity for up to 10 social media accounts under its economy plan. The county’s offices currently have eight different social media accounts.

By Cecilia Fox

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