Troy man sentenced for drug trafficking

Michael Sousa, 29, to serve nine months in prison

By Melanie Yingst -



MIAMI COUNTY — A Troy man with a lengthy criminal history was sentenced to serve nine months in prison Miami County Common Pleas Court on Monday.

Michael J. Sousa, 29, of Troy, pleaded guilty to the fifth degree felony trafficking drugs in earlier court proceedings.

Sousa is incarcerated on several probation violations through Municipal Court through March 2019. He also has a warrant for his arrest out of the state of Oklahoma.

Prior to sentencing, Sousa did not speak on his own behalf. Public defense attorney Jack Hemm said Sousa cooperated with authorities during the investigation.

Prosecutor Tony Kendell said Sousa provided information to Troy Police which lead to another conviction. Kendell said he like to recommend a lower sentence, but didn’t know if Sousa’s lengthy record would allow for it.

Judge Christopher Gee also noted Sousa’s misdemeanor criminal record, which he said he wouldn’t recite due to its length “because we’d be here for awhile.” Sousa was credited with one day of jail time served.

Troy Police Department assisted Miami County Municipal Court probation officers in the 900 block of McKaig Avenue after officers were conducting a search of the property and observed a large amount of marijuana in a clear jar on March 9.

Digital scales and clear sandwich baggies were also located.

In other news:

Lindsey Skeens, 22, of Piqua, was sentenced to serve two years of community control for fifth degree drug possession on Monday.

She’s currently serving a sentence from Municipal Court through December 2018. Judge Gee ordered her to complete the MonDay program and a drug assessment.

“For someone who is 22, you’ve closed a lot of doors for yourself,” said Gee, noting if she didn’t take advantage of drug treatment programs she could end up dead. Skeens was arrested after stealing items from the Piqua Mall on Dec. 22.

Michael Sousa, 29, to serve nine months in prison

By Melanie Yingst