Parks plan under way in Covington

By Sam Wildow -

COVINGTON — Progress on putting together Covington’s Parks Master Plan is under way, which could include possible changes for the Covington Community Park and suggestions for the old middle school site.

“Last week, we met with Poggemeyer,” Mayor Ed McCord said at the village’s last council meeting. “If you recall, we employed Poggemeyer to do some work on the parks system that includes the shelter houses down at the park. It would include the baseball courts, which the school (district) has given to us.”

McCord added that the Parks Master Plan will also include “some ideas for the old middle school lot should the school board decide to let us have that.”

McCord said that his meeting with Village Administrator Mike Busse and representatives of Poggemeyer went well, during which they presented McCord and Busse with “really good ideas.” The goal is to have Poggemeyer present some of these ideas to the council and the village toward the end of summer.

“We set some timelines — we always do — to get some things done, so hopefully, if all goes well, somewhere around the August time frame, they will come and make a presentation for all of you to take a look at and make suggestions,” McCord said. “We’ll also have an opportunity for the public to come in.”

McCord added that Poggemeyer could also help the village with finding sources of funding for any future suggested projects.

“We are moving forward with that plan,” McCord said. “Pretty soon — in about a month, maybe in six weeks or so — we’ll have some concepts on paper. We’ll get our parks in shape.”

The council approved contracting with Poggemeyer Design Group to complete this master plan at a cost of approximately $12,000 in May.

In the proposal provided by Poggemeyer Design Group, they outlined the basic services provided under the contract that the council is considering. Those include:

• Attending a project kickoff meeting with village staff to review the project sites and village goals for the project

• Preparing a concept plan and cost estimates for a new shelter house at Covington Community Park

• Preparing a concept plan and cost estimates for new basketball courts at the northeast corner of North Grant Street and Maple Street

• Preparing a concept plan and cost estimates for a new parking lot on the vacant lot at the southeast corner of North Grant Street and Maple Street

• Preparing a concept plan and preliminary cost estimate for the development of the former Covington Middle School property

• Attending a final meeting to present concept plans and cost estimates

By Sam Wildow

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