City conducting hydrant pumping

PIQUA — The City of Piqua underground utilities department is now in the process of pumping fire hydrants classified as non-draining. When these hydrants are used, the water remains in the barrel section, creating a freezing potential. In an effort to prevent this from happening, the city systematically visits each fire hydrant and if the hydrant has water in the barrel, it is then removed.

The city asks that any activity in operating fire hydrants cease during this time. If it is necessary to operate a hydrant, contact the underground utilities department, then the hydrant can have the water removed. For any concerns or questions, please contact Underground Utilities at 778-2018, attention: Shane Johnson, superintendent, or Justin Jamison, assistant superintendent.

In addition, the underground utilities department will be performing fire hydrant flushing before they pump the fire hydrant. The primary purpose of this program is to verify the proper operation of the city’s fire hydrants through periodic inspections, flow testing, and preventative maintenance. Secondarily, a proactive hydrant flushing program is the key to mitigating water quality-related aesthetic problems by removing accumulated iron and manganese mineral deposits from the water line.

Fire hydrant flushing may cause temporary inconveniences such as a reduction in water pressure and aesthetic issues such as discoloration of the drinking water. Discolored water poses no threat to the public’s health, but it will stain laundry and if consumed, may have an unpleasant taste. Residents should be certain all discolored water is out of their homes’ plumbing and hot water heater prior to laundering clothes or drinking.

In the event that clothes become discolored due to the flushing operations, do not place the clothes in the dryer. A commercial fabric rust removal detergent is available from the Piqua Underground Utilities Department at 201 W. Water St.