Commission to vote on CDBG funding

PIQUA — The Piqua City Commission will be meeting on Tuesday evening to discuss one emergency ordinance and eight resolutions, including discussing applications for grant funding, the offsite pipeline project, and a new gate for the hydraulic canal.

The commission will be voting on approving the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Community Development Allocation Program and Critical Infrastructure Program applications for 2015. Piqua is expected to receive allocation of $75,000 for 2015 from the Ohio Development Services Agency, Office of Community Development (ODSA, OCD) through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. The city is also looking to submit a CDBG Critical Infrastructure Program application at the same time the CDBG Community Development Allocation application is due.

“The CDBG Critical Infrastructure Projects are designed to assist eligible communities with high-priority, single-purpose infrastructure improvements that will alleviate failed or failing systems, including storm drainage and other public facilities,” Resolution 101-15 stated. The maximum grant funding is $300,000.

The project that would be proposed for funding in the application will be for new water meters in the Southview Neighborhood. According to Resolution 101-15, “the new water meters would be read by a radio receiver that the meter reader would hold outside their city vehicle.” This would eliminate the city estimating meter readings.

Southview Neighborhood will be location of the project due to 51 percent of the households in that area having low to moderate income. That is a stipulation for receiving the funding.

The commission will also be discussing amending the contract with J&J Schlaegel, Inc. for the offsite pipeline project for the amount of $211,680. The offsite pipeline project will construct “new raw water lines, finished water line, and a new sludge line along” State Route 66, according to Resolution 98-15.

The amendment to the contract will allow for one lane of traffic on State Route 66 to stay open during the 20 months of construction. The project is needed in order to connect pipelines for the new Water Treatment Plant to the existing system. A loan through the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) will be funding the project. The amended contract will be taken from the original loan contingency.

The commission will also be voting on authorizing the purchase and installation of a new gate for the hydraulic canal at Swift Run Lake. The purchase order for the gate will be for $17,940 to RW Gate Company. Then there will be a purchase order $13,200 for Peterson Construction Company for the installation. The current gate reportedly does not work or seal accurately.

The commission will also be considering an emergency ordinance to establish consistent curfew hours throughout all of the city parks. In the proposed curfew, nobody will be allowed to enter or remain in the city parks between dusk and 7 a.m. the following day.

For parks with “lighted softball, baseball, football, or soccer fields,” no innings or equivalent game periods are to start after 10:30 p.m., according to Ordinance No. 7-15. The exception will be during tournament time. The ordinance, if passed, will be repealing Sections 94.23, 94.24 and 94.26 of Chapter 94 and adopting new sections 94.23, 94.24, and 94.26 of the Piqua Municipal Code.

The following resolutions will also be voted on during the commission meeting:

  • Resolution 95-15, which will adopting the Solid Waste Management Plan for the Miami County Solid Waste Management District.
  • Resolution 96-15, which will be setting the public hearing for the proposed city tax Budget for Miami County for 2016 and draft appropriation ordinance for during the next commission meeting on July 7, 2015 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Resolution 97-15, which will allow the Piqua Fourth of July Association to use Fountain Park, Hardman Field, and Hance Pavilion.

During the commission meeting, there will also be a presentation from Sargeant John Hampton from the National Guard, an update about the Piqua Bike Challenge, and a resolution of appreciation for the retirement of firefighter-paramedic Jim Drieling.

The next Piqua City Commission meeting will be held on June 16 at 7:30 p.m. It will take place in commission chambers on the second floor of the municipal building located at 201 W. Water St.