Default judgment awarded to Freels’ son

Anthony Freels granted claim to slain mother’s estate

By Melanie Yingst -

Randy A. Freels

Randy A. Freels

TROY — Miami County Common Pleas Court Judge Jeannine Pratt granted Anthony Freels, the son of the Union Township woman murdered last January, default judgment in his mother’s estate.

Anthony Freels, administrator of the estate of his mother, Samantha Freels, filed the lawsuit, dated Feb. 20, seeking monetary compensation for more than $25,000 in a wrongful death suit in civil court.

On June 5, Judge Pratt granted the default judgment against Randy Freels, 57, for failure to respond.

Freels pleaded no contest and was found guilty of murdering his wife on May 31.

Freels will be sentenced on July 17. He faces a sentence of 18 years to life as part of a joint recommendation with the state.

Prosecutor Anthony Kendell said the state had a variety of witnesses plus deputy cruiser dash cam video that placed Freels at the scene. Witnesses said they saw Samantha Freels help Randy Freels into her vehicle after he ran off the road in his truck into an embankment on the snowy road.

Later, witnesses found Samantha Freels’ red car off the side of the road in a creek as Randy Freels walked away, hiding the Bursa .380 handgun in the area of the accident. Evidence also included gun residue on Freels’ coat and other evidence.

Miami County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a report of a car off the side of the road during poor road conditions in the area of Elleman Road and West State Route 55 in Union Township on Jan. 12. Units on the scene advised the victim was not breathing. Samantha Freels’ vehicle was located in a creek, and she was pronounced dead at the scene. A deputy noticed a bullet hole in the trunk of the car. Medics at the scene found a bullet wound while attempting to treat Samantha Freels.

Randy Freels was later apprehended by the Special Response Team at his home in the 2000 block of Rangeline Road.

At Freels’ hearing, public defender Jack Hemm reviewed a stipulation that the state returns all confiscated evidence not directly related to the case, including multiple guns, to Anthony Freels, the victim’s son and administrator of her estate.

Randy A. Freels A. Freels
Anthony Freels granted claim to slain mother’s estate

By Melanie Yingst