McKaig Road speed limit under review

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — On Monday, members of the streets and sidewalks committee met to consider decreasing the speed limit of McKaig Road from 55 mph to 45 mph between Dorset and State Route 718 within the city limits.

According to the committee report, a vehicle traveling westbound on McKaig passes a corporate limit 10 times between Dorset Road and State Route 718. The Miami County Engineer’s Office completed a speed study for the section of McKaig Road/McKaig Avenue.

As a result of the speed limit study, the city of Troy would like to file a request for ODOT to revise the speed limit to 45 mph in accordance with Ohio Revised Code.

Committee members Bobby Phillips, Brock Heath and Lynne Snee all approved to move forward with the recommendation which will be presented to council on Monday.

According to city engineer Jillian Rhoades, the average speed of motorists in the area was approximately 49 mph.

Director of public service and safety Patrick Titterington reported there is quite a bit of confusion regarding the speed limits in the area, making it hard for law enforcement to argue their case in court regarding speeding tickets.

“As a result the speed limits vary from anywhere from 25 mph to 55 mph,” Titterington said. “Recognizing that it’s a little confusing, virtually impossible to enforce speed limits out there, whether you are a sheriff or a Troy police officer.”

According to Titterington, if the speed limit modification is approved by council, ODOT will then conduct its own traffic study before moving forward with the city’s request to lower the speed limit.

Council member Bobby Phillips asked if ODOT was aware of the preliminary changes to the speed limit by the city. Rhoades said ODOT District 7 was waiting on the city’s approval to move forward with the process to reduce the speed limit in the area and supports the change.

Snee asked for clarification about the eastbound traffic traveling from McKaig east, going from 45 mph to 25 mph once the speed limit is decreased by ODOT.

Titterington said the area of the four-way stop on McKaig and Dorset is 25 mph because it is local street and is in a residential area.

Council member Alan Clark said he supports the reduced speed in the area, but said there is still questions about the area in regards to overall enforcement.

Titterington said portions of the road are still considered to be in Concord Township and would be enforced by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, which also has the authority to enforce traffic laws within city limits, but Troy Police Department can still enforce the speeding limit in the area.

“If you are speeding over 45 mph on an unsafe level, you’ll be doing that within the city and the township passing in and out of the 10 points,” Titterington said. “What has been really difficult is when its been going from 55 mph to 25 and having to go to court and (violators) having to say ‘What is the speed limit, I’m not sure where I’m at.’”

Clark said he supports the reduction of speed in the area, but added it didn’t make sense to make a law that the city of Troy’s police department would have difficulty in enforcing themselves.

“We do have a very positive relationship with the county sheriffs and we know that will continue. So, like with everything else, we will work with them on this issue,” Titterington said.

Brock Heath said he supports the speed reduction to keep the area consistent and for signage to be installed for the benefit of public safety.

A 25 mph ahead sign is located before the four-way stop, which Rhoades said she will look into relocating if possible.

By Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews