Covington to vote on street levy

Voters to consider 3-mill, 5-year levy

By Sam Wildow -

COVINGTON — Covington residents will be voting on a 3-mill street levy on the May 8 ballot. The 3-mill levy would be for five years and be used strictly for street maintenance.

“This proposed levy would be used to partially fund our street resurfacing projects for the next five years,” Village Administrator Mike Busse said at previous Covington Council meetings.

Mayor Ed McCord encouraged voters to support the levy at their last council meeting, saying, “It’s a tremendously important levy for us to get.”

McCord said that the village has maintained its 1.5 percent income tax without having to consider raising it, but it is no longer enough to cover the costs of maintaining the village’s streets.

McCord and Busse noted how the winter weather damaged the village streets.

McCord also compared the village’s current 1.5 percent city tax with local municipalities, pointing out that the city of Piqua has a 2 percent income tax with 0.25 percent going directly toward street maintenance. The village of Bradford also has a 7-mill levy just for street maintenance.

The county auditor certified that the total current tax valuation of the village is $41,629,880, and the dollar amount of revenue that would be generated by the 3-mill levy would be approximately $124,889 annually.

A home valuation of $75,000 would pay $39.38 per half or approximately 22 cents per day. A home valuation of $100,000 would pay $52.50 per half or approximately 29 cents per day.

A report from Midwest Pavement Analysis last year previously identified $2,139,154 worth of current needs for street maintenance within the village of Covington.

There has been no alley resurfacing done in the last seven years due to budget shortfalls. Covington currently has no dedicated levy for street maintenance.

A proposed resurfacing street list included:

• Wenrick in 2018 from Troy Pike to Spring Street

• Wenrick in 2019 from Spring Street to Broadway

• Larry in 2020 from Chestnut to Broadway

• Richeson in 2020 from Chestnut to Broadway

• Sharon in 2020 from Chestnut to Broadway

• High Street in 2021 from Broadway to Troy Pike and Broadway to Ingle Road

• Main Street in 2022 from Bridge Street to Broadway

• Mote Drive in 2023 from High Street to Troy Pike

• Dick Minnich in 2023 from Mote Drive to new pavement
Voters to consider 3-mill, 5-year levy

By Sam Wildow

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