Say yes to the library levy

To the Editor:

It was smart of Piqua voters to approve the Piqua Public Library Levy in 2012. And I will proudly cast my vote on Nov. 3 to renew this levy. Without any changes to the existing levy, my “yes” vote will maintain funding for the Piqua Library, a vital resource for our community that provides resources and services which promote community literacy, and other public resources that are available for all.

Last year our Piqua Library circulated books, movies, and other materials to 82,326 adults and teens, and 52,786 children. Our Library also reached out into the community, making 720 visits to provide reading materials and recordings to 1,325 housebound patrons who were unable to get to the Library. Public computers provided 18,313 adults and 5,215 children access to the Internet and other resources, some of whom have no other computer access.

This levy is based on a rate of 1.3 mills, the owner of a $100,000 home pays about 36 cents per day, or about $130 per year. The total paid obviously changes depending upon the assessed value of the home. I understand this levy as a responsibility shared by the community so that each of us contributes to a public resource that provides resources for all of us.

Please join me in the continued support of the Piqua Library.

Vote “yes” for the renewal levy for the Piqua Public Library.

— Joe Hinds