Brown Twp. voting on reduced levy

Two levies to be combined, reduced

By Sam Wildow -

BROWN TOWNSHIP — Residents in Brown Township will be voting on one levy that combines and reduces two, previously approved levies that have since expired.

The Brown Township trustees explained how they did not seek renewing two 1-mill levies after they expired in order to combine them under one 1.5-mill levy to cover the same expenses.

“We’re actually doing away with two levies and replacing them with one, which is less millage than we originally had,” Brown Township trustee Doug Cron said.

For several years, Brown Township has maintained two separate tax levies for fire protection, 1-mill and 1.5-mills, and two separate levies for EMS protection, 1-mill and 1.5-mills, according to a statement from the Brown Township trustees. Each of the 1-mill levies expired at the end of 2017, and the township will be finished collecting on them through 2018.

“Instead of asking voters to approve a renewal of the expired 1-mill levy for fire protection and 1-mill levy for EMS protection, the trustees propose to replace both of them with a single 1.5-mill current expenses levy,” according to the statement from the Brown Township trustees. “Since this new single levy will be designated as current expenses, it can be used for fire or EMS protection or both as well as other township expenses such as cemetery expenses.”

The township is also seeking a need to fund the maintenance of cemeteries in the township, including Fletcher Cemetery and local inactive cemeteries they have to maintain.

“We’re currently running into the red on our cemetery fund,” Doug Cron said.

The township is responsible for mowing, opening and closing the cemeteries, digging the foundations for headstones, and general maintenance for the cemeteries.

“It’s just going to be real tight to run the cemetery,” Brown Township Trustee Larry Coffing said. “The general fund has other responsibilities.”

The Brown Township trustees encouraged residents to contact them with any questions on the ballot issue. Cron can be contacted at (937) 313-9785.
Two levies to be combined, reduced

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336