Bidding under way for roundabout construction

Expected construction is later this summer

By Sam Wildow -

PIQUA — The roundabout project is moving forward as the Piqua City Commission gave their approval for the final legislation for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to bid the project during their meeting on Tuesday evening.

“We are now at a point where the project is out to bid,” City Engineer Amy Havenar said.

The construction of the roundabout, which will be located in the intersection of Garbry and Looney roads, is expected to take place sometime this summer.

The city will be putting its expected local match of the project into escrow for the construction of the roundabout. The city will be required to pay for 25 percent of the construction, which Havenar estimated to be approximately $288,365. Havenar requested that the city put in an additional 10 percent into escrow in case the bids came back high.

“If they come in lower than the estimate, then we will receive that money back into our funds,” Havenar said.

Commissioner John Martin asked what would happen if the bids came back too high. Havenar said that ODOT would not move forward with the project if the cost was much higher than anticipated.

“They do have a cap as well,” Havenar said.

The city will be utilizing a grant from the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission in the amount of over approximately $1 million for this project.

Following that, the commission approved a contract for the purchase of decorative street lights for the roundabout from All-Phase Electric Supply Co. The cost of eight decorative streetlights is not to exceed $60,660.

The commission also approved contract for conduit work for the relocation of power and communication lines at the roundabout. The contract will be with Charter Communications/Spectrum at a cost not to exceed $40,200. Piqua Power System Director Ed Krieger said that they estimated that the cost to do the work themselves would be approximately $75,000.

Standards for small cell facilities adopted

The commission waived the three-reading rule and approved ordinances in regard to standards for small cell facilities and wireless support structures, which include appearance and location requirements.

Among them, the commission approved a counterpart ordinance in connection with this one, which expands the areas that telecommunications facilities locating within the public right-of-way would be required to have wires underground. Those areas that would be designated at underground or buried utility areas include within the downtown historic district and any future historic districts, an expanded area in and around the downtown, and within 18 subdivisions.

In connection with these ordinances, the commission also approved an emergency ordinance that will reassign numbers to a couple of chapters of the Piqua code. Martin questioned passing this ordinance as an emergency. City Attorney Stacy Wall said that it would affect the city’s ability to enforce the standards for the small cell facilities as well as the undergrounding requirements.

Concept plan for Garbry Ridge expansion approved

The commission gave their authorization for a residential planned unit development (R-PUD) concept plan for the planned expansion at Garbry Ridge Assisted Living. The commission approved a zoning change for the project area to change it from open space to R-PUD.

HCF Management, the owner of Garbry Ridge, plans to add on to their existing facility at Garbry Ridge, located at 1567 Garbry Road, in addition to building independent living units. Their long-term goal also includes an eventual replacement building for their long-term care facility Piqua Manor, potentially bringing it on-site to Garbry Ridge.

The commission also approved a resolution to rescind a protective covenant restricting the retail use of a vacant property in the Peters Subdivision.

Presentation heard

The Friends of the Piqua Parks Chairman Ruth Koon discussed a beautification project to renovate the grass hillsides on Ash Street/U.S. Route 36 near the CSX railroad bridge. The group is moving forward with a concept plan to add additional landscaping. Koon said the project will positively impact the image of the city, as it is a major gateway.

“It’ll be a great entrance for our community,” Koon said.

The commission indicated their support for the project.

“I think it’s going to look great,” Commissioner Kris Lee said.

The commission also approved contracts for maintenance on one of the city’s gas turbines with Sulzer at a cost not to exceed $55,000, for roof repairs to Piqua’s Power Plant with WRI Applications at a cost not to exceed $70,000, and for high-voltage breakers for the Piqua Power System with Hitachi T&D Solutions at a cost of approximately $175,000 for this year.

The commission also approved continuing their participation in a Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan in conjunction with the Miami County Emergency Management Agency.

The commission approved their consent agenda, which included a number of lease agreements.

Commissioner Dave Short was absent.

Expected construction is later this summer

By Sam Wildow

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