Veterans’ banners project moves forward

Banner arms to be extended

By Sam Wildow -

BRADFORD — The ongoing banners project to honor local veterans is moving forward this week after the main coordinator for the project brought forward a couple of solutions to accommodate more banners to the Bradford Council on Thursday evening.

Julie Wombold of Bradford brought prototypes to the meeting to demonstrate a couple of attachments to extend the banner arms of the village’s light poles.

One prototype was attached to the banner arm of a pole outside the council’s meeting area and was made of different sizes of PVC pipes. It also supported two banners to show the council members what that would look like.

“I think it turned out real good,” Mayor Don Stump said.

The other prototype was made of wood, which Wombold explained would attach to the ends of the banner arms using silicone.

Each of those items extended the banner arms but were not permanent extensions.

The council indicated that they preferred the wooden attachment, which would be easier for workers to attach to the ends of the banner arms. The cost to create each of those attachments will be funded through the Community Club, Wombold said.

With these extensions, the Community Club will only need the 50 light poles that were originally allotted to them. Wombold said that she has 66 banners on order and approximately 23 banners on a waiting list.

Council member Deb Warner thanked Wombold for her efforts in making the project happen.

“This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time,” Wombold said.

Council member Bob Daughtery stepped out of his role as a council member briefly to request permission to close off a portion of East Main Street for a block party for elementary school students. Bradford Elementary School and the Bradford Public Library will be holding a year-end celebration for the elementary school students on April 25, so East Main Street will be closed from Clay Street to Miami Avenue that day from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

The council gave their approval, and Daughtery abstained from the vote.

During Village Administrator Rick Looker’s report, he updated the council on a few projects. The Wastewater Treatment Plant is continuing to improve, and the village is learning about a few cost-saving options that they can take there.

At the Water Treatment Plant, Looker said that the village is looking to incorporate usage of potassium permanganate, which is a treatment method that oxidizes dissolved substances like iron and manganese so that they can be filtered out of the water. Looker said that this is to help reduce their usage of chlorine at the plant.

The village is also looking to put down asphalt around the Water Treatment Plant. Looker said that once there is asphalt down, the village is planning on holding an open house for the village to see new plant.

In regard to the Harrison Street reconstruction project, Looker said that the village is expecting to receive funding from the state for the project. He will also be looking at sidewalks on neighboring streets in that area with the project’s engineer to see if the village should pass a resolution of necessity to ask property owners in that surrounding area to repair any broken sidewalks.

The village is also expected to receive two new trucks next week, which were items in the 2018 budget that the council previously approved.

Looker ended his report by saying he contacted local newspapers, requesting that they do not deliver the newspapers by leaving them on the ground.

The council ended their meeting by approving the transfer of funds to split up funding for the Harrison Street reconstruction project among three different funds.

Council member Sandra Miller was absent.

Banner arms to be extended

By Sam Wildow

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