Casstown Council must appoint mayor in 2016

By Sam Wildow -

MIAMI COUNTY — Casstown Council will need to appoint their mayor this coming year due to a past elections error.

During the Miami County Board of Elections meeting held on Thursday afternoon, Director Bev Kendall explained that the error they found in past elections will leave Casstown without a mayoral candidate on the ballot for the Nov. 3 election. It was previously believed that Casstown’s current mayor’s term would not be over until 2017 when it will actually be up at the end of this year.

Deputy Director Eric Morgan explained that the error occurred when someone ran for an unexpired term and they treated the unexpired term as full-term.

As no one knew that the current term for Casstown’s mayor will actually be up on Dec. 31, no one filed to run for mayor on the Nov. 3 ballot.

“No one knew that, so no one filed,” board member Bob Huffman said.

“Correct,” Morgan said.

“So there will be no Casstown mayor come Jan. 1,” Huffman said.

It will be up to Casstown Council appoint the mayor next year.

“I’m glad we caught it,” board member Jose Lopez said.

Chairman Kelly Gillis explained that the mistake was due to past employees who are no longer with the board of elections office.

The board also approved moving forward with getting new electronic poll books. The state will be paying 85 percent of the cost for 100 e-poll books from Elections Systems & Software, LLC.

The total cost is $150,865, which includes e-poll books, tablets, carrying cases, a printer, and an encoder.

The county will have to pay for 15 percent of that cost, which will be approximately $22,629. The licensing and maintence fees will be approximately $9,900 after the first year.

Following the e-poll books, the board approved the cost for their photo registration vendor to integrate with the poll books for a cost of $4,500. Training will cost $303, and licensing fees will be $1,000.

Kendall also brought up a way to save the board money by not publishing the notice of the upcoming election in the newspaper. Kendall explained that they are not required to publish that information in the paper but can, instead, post a proclamation at the courthouse and all of the city halls in the county. Kendall stated that it will save them approximately $5,000 this year by doing that.

“Makes sense to me, good catch,” Gillis said.

By Sam Wildow

Reach reporter at Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall

Reach reporter at Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall