County engineer asks for fee increase

Added license fee would boost paving funds

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County residents could see an additional license fee in the future, which the county engineer said would allow roads to be paved more often.

County Engineer Paul Huelskamp has asked the commissioners to consider adding a $5 license fee, which he said would generate an additional $600,000 per year and would allow the county to pave roads more frequently.

While the county road department is pleased to have been able to expand the paving program in the last few years, Huelskamp said the proposed license fee would allow the county to do even more.

Currently the county paves on a 20 year cycle, while the industry standard is a 10 year cycle, he said. According to Huelskamp, the county exceeded last year’s paving program by about two miles, paving more than 24.5 miles of county roadway at a cost of $1.64 million.

“Eleven of those roads hadn’t been paved since 1992-1997. So we’re happy to kind of try and catch some of those up,” Huelskamp said. Those 11 roads accounted for about 19.7 miles of the total miles paved last year.

Roads are inspected every spring, Huelskamp said. While the county is on a 20 year schedule, some roads may move up or down the schedule depending on their condition.

Huelskamp asked the commissioners to consider the fee during his annual report earlier this week. The commissioners did not discuss the proposal during that meeting.

Several other Ohio counties have passed similar measures, including Cuyahoga, Geauga, Hamilton and Summit Counties. Montgomery County approved a $5 license fee in February.

Other counties considering the tax include Franklin County, which has scheduled a hearing, as well as Lake, Sandusky, and Fairfield Counties and several others.

The Miami County Engineer’s Office and Highway Garage will host its annual road meeting on April 5. Speakers from the Ohio Department of Transportation will also provide updates on upcoming road work, in addition to a report from the county engineer.

Added license fee would boost paving funds

By Cecilia Fox

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