Troy man charged for alleged rehab deception

Poling, 45, charged with theft by deception

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PIQUA — A local man was charged with a theft by deception after being paid to enroll a subject into a drug rehabilitation program and then failing to do so.

The Piqua Police Department recently charged Shawn M. Poling, 45, of Troy, with fifth-degree felony theft. Poling was charged in connection with a victim reporting on Feb. 22, that she paid Poling to enroll her son into a rehabilitation facility but Poling never enrolled her son into the facility, according to Piqua police reports.

According to court records, the theft of service occurred on Oct. 19. Poling is scheduled to be arraigned on March 21.

“We have no indication that there would be other victims at this time,” Chief of Police Bruce Jamison of the Piqua Police Department said.

While aspects of the case may appear to be more of a civil case than criminal, Jamison said that the department found evidence to charge Poling with theft by deception after completing their full investigation.

Poling gained attention last year in August when he visited the Piqua Police Department to apologize and express his respect for Piqua police officers after recognizing his past actions as a drug addict. He was three years sober when speaking to officers at the police department.

At that time, Poling said he operated a treatment facility in Florida and opened one in Indiana. He also said he helped approximately 40 people from Piqua receive treatment for addiction in his facility in Florida.

Jamison said that the Piqua Police Department did not refer anyone to that facility, noting that it was a private facility rather than a public or a non-profit agency.

When asked, he still felt that Poling’s apology was sincere in that moment. Jamison said that Poling is continuing his journey. For addicts, “the road is pretty rough back,” Jamison said.

With this being possible another setback, Jamison said that it was his opinion that it did not take away from Poling’s sincerity in that moment. Jamison added, “It doesn’t mean that we don’t continue to hold anybody accountable for additional or new transgressions.”

Poling additionally took part in PROTECT Piqua’s Heroin Education and Addiction Recovery Team (HEART) on a few of their responses near the start of the team, but he has not been involved with the group for a while.

“He’s no longer a part of the HEART Team and hasn’t been for several months,” Jamison said.

Poling also gained attention in October 2016 after the Tropical Inn Resort in Palm Bay, Florida, of which Poling was reportedly director of operations, was featured in The Miami Herald for their experience during Hurricane Matthew.

The rehab center and drug- and alcohol-free hotel was a former Days Inn, according to The Miami Herald.

“He’s no longer a part of that facility,” Jamison said.

Poling, 45, charged with theft by deception

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336