Local author Carrie pens third book

Feb. 24 signing set in Piqua

By Cecilia Fox - cfox@troydailynews.com

TROY — Tonya Lee Carrie came to Troy at a difficult time in her life and the unfamiliar city became a refuge.

Now, through her writing and speaking, she hopes to give back to the community by motivating people to “courageously finish” the plans God has made for them.

“Troy found me,” she said.

She came to Troy almost by accident in 2009, she recalled, looking for a new place to live following a divorce. Moving to a new city where she knew no one gave her plenty of opportunity for self-reflection.

Carrie, a writer and public speaker, has published her third book, “Courageous Finishers,” and planned an accompanying series of workshops.

“It took courage for me to leave what was familiar and come to unfamiliar territory … And basically that’s what the premise of this book is,” said Carrie, who is leading weekly workshops with Partners in Hope in February and speaking at Garbry Ridge Assisted Living.

Her newest book combines the popular coloring book trend with a daily prayer journal where people can capture their honest thoughts, strengthen their faith, and learn about themselves.

“Anything and everything that I write about is going to represent hope,” she said.

The journal encourages people to take some time out of their day to “focus, slow down and think,” Carrie said. Each day includes a new reflection on themes like love, perseverance, or gratefulness, and a different illustration of a cross to color.

“You start to look forward to doing it,” she said.

Even in difficult times, the process of completing one page a day helped Carrie to remember the good things, she said.

While completing each page, the key is to be honest with yourself, Carrie said.

The journal can be completed alone or with a loved one, like parents and children, Carrie said. It encourages goal setting and celebrates finishing those goals.

A book signing has also been set for 1-3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 24 at Grace Christian Bookstore, Piqua.

“Courageous Finishers” and Carrie’s other two books, “Become: The Perfected Woman in Pursuit of Her Assignment” and “The Courage to Live in Love,” can be purchased on Amazon or through Carrie herself at a discounted rate.

She can be found on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Contact her at glowinglove777@gmail.com or (937) 604-0721 for more information.

Feb. 24 signing set in Piqua

By Cecilia Fox


Reach Cecilia at cfox@troydailynews.com.

Reach Cecilia at cfox@troydailynews.com.