Annual Science Day results announced

Provided photo Abigail Hissong from Milton-Union High School received $75 for second place, sponsored by Dave Werts and Georgia Bayman.

TIPP CITY — On Thursday, Feb. 8 the Fifth annual Miami County Science Day was held at Tippecanoe High School for students in grades fifth through 12. This event offered students a venue that promotes the development of creative thinking, research and writing skills and career motivation toward the sciences, all in one program. One hundred—five students from Tipp City, Piqua, Miami East, Bethel, Newton, Troy and Milton-Union completed and exhibited projects in zoology, chemistry, botany, space and Earth sciences, computers, zoology, microbiology, biochemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, medicine and health and behavioral and social science.

Fifty area teachers, professionals and community members volunteered to judge the projects. Event sponsors donated awards and gift certificates in an amount totaling $3,500, plus additional event sponsorships.

The 52 students receiving “Superior” ratings were: from Tipp City — Leena Vyas, Victoria Jacobs, Melanie Schall, Brandon Hood, Amelia Campbell, Luke Hoover, Ethan Royse, Sadhil Metha, Parker Kaibas, Collin Snyder, Audrey Kinninger, Mason Kinninger, Marissa Hollon, Brynna Sears, Riley Nicholls, Jackson Windeknecht, Alaina Jacquemin, Carlie Subler, Emily Richardson and Amelia Wiggershaus; from Bethel — Jackie Harris, Jasmine Harris, Sevda Karimova, Julie Sebastian, Adam Cartwright and Lisa Sebastian; from Miami East — Christine Marlow, Zach Kronenberger, Nick Kleiner and Kearsten Kirby: from Milton Union — Evan Beard, Sydney Dohrman, Abigail Hissong, Madison Stasiak, Micah Tracy, Holden Lapham and Bill Yang; from Newton — Dalton Trucksis; from Piqua — Jenna Parker; and from Troy — Lily Hemm, Tito Fuentes, Siler Brayden, Jonathan Post, Ella Furlong, Hallie Klosterman, Erin McKinney, Steven Andrade, Riley Coleman, Peter Hale, Emily Maloney, Sarah Pascale and Dale Sentman. These students are eligible to go to the District Science Day held at Edison State Community College on March 10. Students receiving a superior at district may go on to the state contest held at The Ohio State University in May.

Tippecanoe High School junior Leena Vyas was awarded the grand prize of $200 sponsored by Emerson. Abigail Hissong from Milton-Union High School received $75 for second place, and Lily Hemm received $75 for third place, both sponsored by Dave Werts and Georgia Bayman.

Students receiving special awards and topic category awards were:

Royal Crest Insurance Award in Animal Science ($50) to Carson DeHart — Troy High School

Kramer Award in Animal Science ($50) to Kearsten Kirby — Miami East

EMERSON Award in Behavioral & Social Sciences ($100) to Evan Beard — Milton-Union

Venkatesh Award in Medicine/Health ($75) Emily Richardson and Amelia Wiggershaus — LT Ball

Premier Health Award in Biomedical and Health Sciences ($50) to Steven Andrade — Troy

Schilling Award in Biochemistry or Chemistry ($75) to Christine Marlow — Miami East

Avogadro Award in Chemistry ($75) to Madison Stasiak — Milton-Union

Emerson Award in Computer Science or Robotics ($100) to Holden Lapham/Bill Yang — Milton-Union

Eifert/Thompson Award in Earth and Environmental Science ($50) to Brandon Hood —Tipp Middle School

James McGarry Award in Earth and Environmental Science ($50 each) to Steven Brady — Bethel, and Brandon Hood — Tipp Middle School

Emerson Award in Energy ($100) to Jackson Goodall/Rhys Williams — Troy High School

Tippecanoe Masonic Lodge No. 174 Award for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering — First place ($100) to Erin McKinney —Troy High School; second place ($50) to Dalton Trucksis — Newton

Anonymous Award in Engineering Mechanics ($50) to Mason Kinninger — LT Ball

John A. Smith Memorial Award in Material Science ($50) Jackie Bashore/Isabelle Crow — Tipp High School

Shepherd Award in Material Science ($50) to Jenna Parker — Piqua High School

Chaney Family Award for Engineering Design (Trophy) to Parker Kaibas/Collin Snider —LT Ball

Troy Fish & Game Awards for Environmental Sciences — First place ($100) Nick Kleiner — Miami East; second place ($75) Ashley Cook — Tipp Middle School; third place ($75) Kylie Blair/Jessica Gillum — Miami East

John Bowling Award in Mathematics ($50) to Leena Vyas — Tipp High School

Schilling Award in Microbiology ($75) to Ella Furlong — Troy High School

Venkatesh Award in Physics and Astronomy ($75) to Melanie Schall — Tipp High School

Cargill Award for Plant Science first place ($100) to Abigail Hissong — Milton-Union High School; second place ($50) to Zach Kronenberger — Miami East High School

Abbott Nutrition: One Team, One Voice, One Goal — Trophies and two $50 gift cards to Jackson Windeknecht and Riley Nicholls — LT Ball

Abbott Nutrition: I am Accountable — Trophy and $50 gift card Sydney Dohrman — Milton-Union

Abbott Nutrition: I am a Leader — Trophy and $50 gift card Carson DeHart — Troy High School

Abbott Nutrition: I Drive Continuous Improvement — Trophy and $50 gift card

Matthew Poynter — Tipp High School

Abbott Nutrition: I will make Timely, Fact-based Decisions — Trophy and $50 gift card

Leena Vyas — Tippecanoe High School

Abbott Nutrition: My Work Matters — Trophy and $50 gift card Brandon Hood — Tipp Middle School

Award for Best Presentation of Data (Tables and GrapHigh School), any category

John Skolnicki, CPA ($50 each) to Sydney Dohrman and Madison Stasiak — Milton-Union

Dale Sentman — Troy High School, Steven Brady — Bethel

Tipp-Monroe Optimists Award for Best Abstract ($50) to Brandon Hood — Tipp Middle School

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery — One-year family membership ($115) to Sadhil Mehta — LT Ball

Sponsors included new title sponsor Emerson; major sponsors: Tipp City Rotary Club, Adare Pharmaceuticals Researchers, Cargill, Troy Fish & Game Club, Dayton Society of Natural History; and additional sponsors: Abbott Nutrition, Premier Health, CMD Technologies, Tipp Monroe Optimists Club, Tippecanoe Masonic Lodge No. 174, English Veterinary Services, John Skolnicki, CPA, James McGarry, John A. Smith Memorial Fund, Royal Crest Insurance, Hickory River Smokehouse, Alvetro Orthodontics, Dave Werts, Georgia Bayman, the Chaney family, the Wahl family, Robert Archer, and the Schinaman/Allen family.

For questions about the Science Day program, contact Dr. Martin English, 1470 W. Main St., Tipp City, call 667-3217, email or visit

Provided photo Abigail Hissong from Milton-Union High School received $75 for second place, sponsored by Dave Werts and Georgia Bayman. photo Abigail Hissong from Milton-Union High School received $75 for second place, sponsored by Dave Werts and Georgia Bayman.