Concerns raised over loose dogs, speeding

By Sam Wildow -

BRADFORD — A couple residents came forward during the Bradford Council meeting Thursday evening to raise concerns about a few dogs running loose and cars speeding in the area of Smithfield and Staunton streets in Bradford.

“This is something we’ve been contending with since the beginning of summer,” the resident said in regard to the loose dogs.

The residents said that they repeatedly call the Miami County Sheriff’s Office about the loose dogs that run around near their house and belong to a nearby neighbor with whom they have also tried speaking. The residents also said that they are unable to use their own backyard at times, as the dogs will run at them.

“He came charging at us,” the first resident said, referencing a time she was out with her own dogs that were on leashes.

Council member Jeff Wirrig and Mayor Don Stump suggested that the council will check with the sheriff’s office on their options in regard to the loose dogs.

They also cited concerns of speeding in the area of Smithfield and Staunton streets, saying that the speeding has always been a concern and that there is a stop sign that drivers occasionally run. They suggested that sheriff’s office deputies check that area more often when they are in town.

Also during the meeting, a representative from the Bradford Pumpkin Show also attended the meeting to donate $500 of their proceeds to the village of Bradford.

The council later gave brief updates on the council’s committees. The village is still in committee regarding the proposed veterans’ flags being displayed throughout the village on light poles. Wirrig said that they were doing some fact-finding before returning to the committee for more discussion.

The village will also hold a variance hearing on March 8, at 6:30 p.m. in regard to a property owner who did not receive a permit to put up a fence at 513 Patty Drive.

Village Clerk and Treasurer Brenda Selanders also raised concerns about checks paid to the village for utility payments that bounce and do not have sufficient funds. Selanders discussed a recent incident where a renter’s check for utilities bounced and the village was able to find the renter and received the utility money, but the village never received the fine for the returned check. Selanders said that they did not appear to have any penalties or action they could impose on the renter or people like the renter who do not pay the returned check fine in order to force them to pay the fine.

“I wanted to get it in the record that you were aware that we did get utility money; however, our returned check charge was not gotten nor do I think we have any recourse (to go) after it,” Selanders said.

The short meeting ended after the council approved paying a membership due of $30 to the Miami County Council. Wirrig said that membership with the Miami County Council afforded the village a $50,000 grant toward Harrison Street and other benefits.

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336