Shelter awarded over $600K in grant funding

By Sam Wildow -

MIAMI COUNTY — The Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County was recently awarded two grants from the Ohio Development Services Agency that will help continue their operations in the county as well as distribute funds to nearby counties.

The shelter is a lead facility for six counties, including Miami County, Fiscal Manager Becky Griswold said.

Approximately $330,000 is confirmed for the first grant for homeless prevention and re-housing initiatives. The shelter will share those funds with Shelby, Darke, Logan, Preble, and Champaign counties.

“We get the actual grant, and we distribute it,” Griswold said.

This grant is solely for resident housing, Griswold said. This grant is a two-year grant that can be used for their clients’ rent and deposit needs to help them move out of the shelter. “It’s a great grant and helped our residents move out,” Griswold said.

These funds also help the Buckeye House in Troy, which houses homeless men in Miami County.

The shelter also received a grant for approximately $297,000 for emergency operations at the shelter, including paying for utilities, food, and other maintenance.

“Without that grant, we probably simply would not be open,” Griswold said.

In 2017, the Family Abuse Shelter aided 436 residents at the shelter, and another 350 clients outside of the shelter through court advocacy.

The Ohio Development Services Agency awarded a total of approximately $18.7 million funds throughout the state that support shelters for the homeless and help homeless Ohioans find permanent housing, according to a press release from the agency.

“We’re providing our communities with resources to help homeless Ohioans get back on their feet,” said David Goodman, director of the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Grants from the agency’s Homeless Crisis Response Program will help nonprofit and local government agencies operate emergency shelters and quickly move individuals from emergency shelters to permanent housing. More than 42,211 Ohioans will receive assistance through the program. Funding for the program is from the Ohio Housing Trust Fund and the federal Emergency Solutions Grant.

By Sam Wildow

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