Bradford looks into ‘hero banners’

New members sought for council, boards

By Sam Wildow -

BRADFORD — Bradford Council heard a proposal on displaying veterans’ banners in the village during their regular meeting Thursday evening.

“I came because I would like to start a hero banner,” Julie Wombold of Bradford said.

The banners would feature different local veterans and would hang on the light poles throughout the village, similar to the veterans’ banners in West Milton and Piqua.

The cost to make each banner would be approximately $60, Wombold said.

“It’s the same company that Piqua uses, and they’re some pretty nice banners,” Wombold said.

The veterans’ banners in Piqua are used as a fundraiser to maintain the Veterans’ Memorial, but those interested in creating similar veterans’ banners in Bradford were looking at charging only the at-cost amount to make the banners for each of them.

There were different possibilities discussed as to how the banners would be paid for, such as having the families of the veterans pay for their banners or have the community club hold a fundraiser to pay for a portion or all of the banners.

“I see it as once they’re purchased, they’re the property of the village,” Wombold said. She added that the village’s only responsibilities in regard to the banners would be to put them up, take them down, and store them at various intervals.

“I would want the village to decide what the banners look like,” Wombold said. “They have to be very simple because they are small.”

The council decided to create a committee at their next meeting in January that would work on establishing guidelines for the veterans banners project.

Council receives updates

Village Administrator Rick Looker discussed possible updates to the village’s current tax code in reference to how businesses will file or pay their local taxes.

“Businesses in town currently pay their local taxes through us,” Looker said. “The state of Ohio is requesting it to be a mandate that businesses pay their local taxes through what they call the Ohio Business Gateway.”

Looker said that they had looked into joining a coalition against this measure, which would have cost the village money to join.

Looker said that if the village decides to accept this mandate from the state, then the council will have to pass an ordinance updating their tax code to reflect this change.

Village Attorney Mike Gutmann said that there are a number of municipalities pushing “back against the state” in a joint lawsuit.

“It’s probably going to end up in court,” Gutmann said.

The council did not approve any changes to their code during the meeting.

After that, Looker said a high-speed internet company is looking to share access to the village’s tower.

“What would be the benefit?” council member Jeff Wirrig said.

Looker said that if they choose to share access to the tower, then the company may provide the village with extra security cameras for free.

“I think it’s worth it hearing them out at least,” council member Bob Daughtery said.

The business is expected to attend a future meeting to give the council a proposal.

In regard to the Water Treatment Plant, there will be a pump installed for one of the wells next week and the village hopes to have some water flowing through the plant within the next few weeks.

Council member Galen Balmert asked if they would tear down the current plant. Looker said that the village was planning on tearing that building down, but it was ultimately up to the council to decide what they wanted to do with the building.

“In my opinion, it wouldn’t be worth it,” Looker said.

Over at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, the village repaired a pump at a cost of approximately $2,800.

Council seeks members

The council swore in two returning council members — Wirrig and Deb Warner — during their meeting, but there will still be two vacant seats on the council next year. Council members Tom Moore and Sandra Miller did not run for re-election, but Miller expressed an interest in being appointed to the council again. Moore has been a member of the council on and off for a total of approximately 13 years. Wirrig will be beginning his 28th year on the council in January.

Wirrig also said that the village is in need of members for the Zoning Board and Zoning Appeals Board.

For more information, the village of Bradford can be contacted at (937) 448-2718.

Also during their meeting, the council approved additional appropriations for this year along with a tentative appropriation resolution for the beginning of next year. The tentative appropriation resolution will stand in the place of a budget for next year until the village has their budget ready.

The council also approved Gutmann’s in the amount of $6,000, which will be paid on a quarterly basis.

The council waived the three-reading rule for all of the approved legislation.

New members sought for council, boards

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336