Eagles’ Wings Stable receives $10,500 grant

PIQUA — Eagles’ Wings Stable, whose mission is to provide equine-assisted therapeutic activities for people with special needs to benefit and improve their development and quality of life, received a $10,500 grant from Give Where You Live of Miami County.

Keith and Ann Schaurer are co-founders of Eagles’ Wings, along with Keith’s mother Sandra Knipe. The Schaurer family became involved in therapeutic riding and equine assisted activities in 2003 after a nephew was diagnosed with transverse myelitis.

Therapeutic riding has been documented as early as 17th century Europe as a treatment for injured warriors returning from the battlefields. Horses’ muscles make over 100 movements with each step and no machine can duplicate that effect. The horse’s walk delivers a rhythmic, symmetrical figure-8 motion to the rider’s pelvis just as it would move if the rider were walking in a normal manner on the ground — which many of the clients at Eagles’ Wings cannot do. The warmth, stretch, and motion of the horse has the ability to simultaneously relax and stimulate muscles, thereby increasing tone and strength.

For more information on conditions that can be addressed with equine assisted activities and therapies, visit http://eagleswingsstable.org/index.html or info@eagleswingsstable.org or on Facebook.

Give Where You Live of Miami County, a group of women and men, started in 2015. It is a Giving Circle and was patterned after the operations of 100-plus women. They meet four times a year, and each member brings a blank check for $100. Every member can nominate a Miami County charity. Members who come to the meeting can put the name of the charity they want to speak about into the hat. Three names are drawn at random at each meeting. Selected members make a 5-minute presentation about each cause. Then there is a 5-minute question and answer session about the presentations. They then vote on which cause to support and the top vote-getting charity then receives all the checks, made out to them on the spot — all accomplished in about 20 minutes. As of November 2017, Give Where You Live has given more than $76,500 to local charities. Membership to Give Where You Live of Miami County is open throughout the year. Their next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 8 at the Zion Lutheran Church, 14 W. Walnut St., Tipp City. Meetings start at 7 p.m.

For more information, or to sign up as a member, visit website at www.givewhereyoulive.wix.com/miamicounty. You may also email questions to givewhereyoulive.mc@gmail.com.