Board certifies Nov. 7 election

By Sam Wildow -

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Board of Elections held a special meeting Monday to certify the Nov. 7 election.

Deputy Director Luke Scott said that there were no races that warranted an automatic recount.

Chairman Dave Fisher said that candidates have 10 days from Monday’s meeting to request a recount from the board.

The official canvass results of Miami, Darke, and Shelby counties decided one close race for the Bradford Board of Education.

The top three candidates are Scott Besecker, who received a total of 397 votes; Louis Reindel, who received 305 votes; and Mike Miller, who received 289 votes.

Approximately 22 votes separated Miller from another candidate, Carolyn Smith, who received a total of 267 votes. The final candidate, Damon Brewer, received 217 votes.

Besecker, Reindel, and Smith are all currently sitting board members, and Miller has been a member of the board in the past.

There were a total of 3,856 absentee ballot requests in Miami County for the Nov. 7 election. Of those requests, the board received 3,727 ballots back and 15 of those ballots were deemed unaccountable due to some type of error.

There were 1,638 absentee ballots requested through the mail and 1,866 absentee ballots requested in the board’s office. There were also 157 absentee ballots requested in nursing homes. There were also 17 absentee ballots requested in jail.

Board members Audrey Gillespie and Ryan King spoke on issues they came across during the Nov. 7 election.

Gillespie reported seeing issues with voting machines, such as printers not being set up properly with the voting machines at one location. Access to the polling locations were also mentioned as an issue.

“I know at our location, parking was a huge issue,” Gillespie said about A Learning Place in Piqua.

King questioned the consolidation of the number of precincts at polling locations, citing concerns about too many poll workers at each location.

Scott said that they have to follow mandates requiring a certain number of Democrat and Republican poll workers at each precinct, leading to numerous employees at one location.

Also during their meeting, the board approved two software purchases from Triad, including Triad’s election verification system at an upfront cost of $3,500 and Triad’s elected official system and filing system at an upfront cost of $5,500. The board will also have to pay for yearly maintenance fees for those systems.

Scott said that the systems will add to the board’s accountability.

“The benefit is accuracy with our petitions,” Scott said about the election verification system. That system will allow the board to keep track of their decisions and reasoning regarding petitions in a database, such as which signatures on petitions were deemed invalid and why they were deemed invalid.

“It’s a good way to double check,” Scott said. About all of the systems, Scott said, “It’s going to make things more efficient.” He added that the systems would save the board time and questions.

The board also went into an executive session Monday evening to discuss office personnel. Once out of executive session, the board approved offering the open clerk position to applicant Michelle Arthur of Troy.

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336